10 Ideas to Boost Traffic by Optimizing Google AdWords Campaign

10 Ideas to Boost Traffic by Optimizing Google AdWords Campaign
10 Ideas to Boost Traffic by Optimizing Google AdWords Campaign

Simply put, Google AdWords is an excellent marketing device that helps you optimize and display your ads. It is a great way to promote your services or products online. Using AdWords, you can improve your marketing campaign to achieve a high Return on Investment on a larger scale. It is a tool that offers accurate targeting, incredible reach, and measurability.

10 Ways to Increase Traffic Using AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords enables you to expand online and in-store traffic. Moreover, it helps you enhance your brand’s awareness. If you manage to set up and optimize it the right way, it will boost sales and reduce your marketing costs as well. If you want to generate more traffic to your business using Google AdWords Campaign, here are 10 ways that may be of help.

#1. Location-Based Targeting

Targeting the users that are located within your service areas is a great way to go. Using Google AdWords, you can target customers by their location, which includes their country, state, city, and even ZIP code. All of this data can be easily accessed through your CRM. My friend once worked on a Google Ad Campaign for spectrum Internet which helped them boost sales by targeting people who lived within the range of their service area. This is a great example showing the effectiveness of this technique.

#2. Creating Relevant Content

In addition to targeting local people as potential customers, creating ads that are relevant to local consumers can also boost sales for your business. According to Google research, 4 out of 5 people want businesses to create ads that are relevant to their location (i.e., their immediate area, ZIP code, or city). Keeping this in mind, you can use it to your advantage by creating ads that resonate with the culture and language of your target audience.

#3. Using Call Extensions

While creating ads that are targeted to local customers, you should provide a working phone number in a prominent font and location. It encourages your consumers to get in touch with you and helps boost your sales. For instance, if a customer using a spectrum TV package needs help with something, they can find the required number via Google ads and make the call. It is a great feature that is used by countless businesses across the globe. Another Google research states that 70% of mobile searchers dialed a business directly using the number provided in search results.

#4. Choosing the Right Time to Advertise

Both advertising and cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns are directly affected by the timing. Meaning, they give the best results only when the target audience is active online. Launching Google ad campaigns at such times would yield more traffic on your sites while reducing your marketing expense. Using the Google AdWords platform, you can schedule your ads to be displayed only during the hours when your customers are active.

#5. Keeping Track of Your Ads

Another way to increase traffic on your business site is by actively tracking and managing your ads. This can be done efficiently by using Google Tag Manager. This application allows you to keep an eye on how your marketing campaign is doing. It also gives expert insights into how you can modify your campaign to get the best results and which area to target for maximizing output.

#6. Increasing Brand Awareness

You can use Google AdWords to raise awareness of your business brand online. Doing so is crucial in the promotion of your products or services. The best way to let people know about your brand is by putting your business title in the headline and briefly describing what it is. Simply promoting a product to potential customers won’t work if they don’t know anything about your brand.

#7. Testing Your Ads

AdWords is popular is one of the easiest testing engines available. It enables users to not only test their ads and landing pages, but it also shows the ads that would work the best. In addition to that, it allows you to test your ads’ positions. If your ad is in the number 1 position, it doesn’t really mean that you would get the greatest number of clicks. Using less budget and being in the second or third place can also bring great results.

#8. Optimizing PPC

Simply working on boosting traffic via search engine optimization (SEO) would not be enough. It is a lengthy process and takes at least half a year to even build a good SEO campaign. On the other hand, the Google AdWords campaign is easy to set up and shows immediate results if done right. It allows greater control over your campaign and the resulting traffic you achieve. Rather than using a single campaign, it is better to use both SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to achieve the best web presence.

#9. Utilizing All Relevant Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a great tool that can help you build better ads and enhance the performance of pre-existing ads for better customer experience. These extensions allow you to tell the story of your company’s brand to the customers. Numerous extensions can assist you in more ways than one. A few examples are, Sitelinks, Callout, Structured Snippets, and Call & Location Extensions, etc.

#10. Targeting Mobile Search

Many businesses overlook the importance of targeting customers that use mobile devices for everything. Adjusting your marketing campaign for mobile is an excellent way to engage with your target audience and allow them to choose your products or services.

Google Ads allows you to modify your campaign for this purpose by letting you add click-to-call extensions. For instance, I can dial the spectrum phone number directly since the company has optimized its ads by including the click-to-call extension in them.

Investing in Google AdWords Campaign

A well-managed Google AdWords Campaign allows businesses to improve their revenue by a great measure. It is better to make sure that you use all of these tips while enhancing your marketing campaign using Google AdWords because you will be charged for each click on your ad.

Williard John is the Editorial Director at The Daily Strength Inc. Prior to joining The Daily Strength, Williard had a hand in a number of online and print publications, including as chief copy editor and Government Technology Magazine as managing editor. He also did a stint in Sydney as group editor of RBI Australia's manufacturing group, which is when he also developed an affinity (a love, really) for cricket

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