5 Effective Android Studio Features for App Development

5 Effective Android Studio Features for App Development
5 Effective Android Studio Features for App Development

Mobile apps and tools are rapidly capturing the market through which user can easily manage and handle all the activities. There are different features associated with app development that can be improved so that the app can be made more simplified for the users and easy to use. Android Studio is a popular tool for developers where they create apps for all Android devices. Here are the top features allowed by Android Studio.

Quick Coding & Advance Running Flow:

Android Studio allows us to code fast and improve the running flow of the app. Android studio apply changes feature allows us to change the features of the app in running mode and without restarting it. This flexibility allows us to control how much of the app is restarted when we want to test small and incremental changes. The code editor allows us to write better code so that the applications can run faster and be more productive by offering advance code completion and analysis.

New Versions with Advance functionality:

Android Studio releases new versions and add latest features which deliver a platform where developers can work more effectively in the area where they stuck before. It adjusts and allows the user to update its whole system with new software with faster and improved applications software and speed. Android emulator starts the applications faster than a real device and allows us to test applications and simulate different hardware features such as Global Positioning System, multi touch input and motion sensors. The main feature for Android Studio provide is the testing or troubleshooting the applications with UI Test Frameworks so that before installing the applications and handing over to the customer we can test the applications and minimize the risk of faults so that customer could prefer Android above all other software systems. For example with Espresso Test Recorder we can record our interactions with the help of UI code.

Flexible User Interface:

Another main feature of Android Studio is that it provides us with flexible system that allows us to build configurations and automate the system. Android Studio is also essential for Internet of Things and also provides us with Git Hub libraries so that we can connect our project or system with different IoT applications. If I talk about my final year project we made a prototype of Generator monitoring System and connected the system through ESP8266 (Cloud module) and further we connected our system with our Android cellphones by installing Blynk application which allows us to test our parameters digitally and online through our Android cellphones. So thanks to Android that we were able to install this wonderful application. The prime use of the app was to monitor the parameters online and make it easy for the user to check the parameters of the generator while he is in his office as does not need to visit generator station at regular intervals. Android Studio provides us with unified environment where we can easily build, debug and test applications.

Flexible & Support All Type of Languages:

Android Studio also provides us with fantastic feature of supporting all types of languages such as C++, java, python etc. This is a great feature as it allows the flexibility to the user to simplify the applications easily. It also equips the user with Firebase and Cloud Integration and connect our app with firebase and add features such as Notification, Integration etc. Android Studio also eliminates  tiresome tasks which simplifies less interesting part of the applications and allows us to focus on the main parts of the applications for example Layout Editor can edit different layout and provides us with new feature of drag and drop and it can also adapt to different screen sizes with just few clicks. Another feature of Android Studio is Translator Editor as it gives single view of all your translated resources making it easy for the user to change or add translations and we can also find missing files. Another main feature is the vector asset studio which makes a new image for every density size making it really easy for the user to generate Bitmap files.

APK Analyzer:

The last feature that I would like to mention is APK Analyzer to easily replace the contents of APK as it reveals size of each component so that we can reduce overall APK size. It also allows us to troubleshoot before we can finalize the design of our applications. Android Studio also allows us with great security firewall applications so that we can protect our applications from any malware and we can encrypt passwords and other personal information so that we are away from any dis-functioning of applications.

Wrap Up:

We are living in a world where new technology innovations are taking place on a daily basis and if we talk about two top tier software for our mobile phones, they are Android and iOS and they both have great market share. It’s a wrong perception that iOS has taken over Android because the features that are being provided by the Android Studio continues to dominate the market. Every Android services company using this tool where developers can work more effectively to meet the client standards.


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