5 Factors That Affect The Choice Of Electrical Wires

5 Factors That Affect The Choice Of Electrical Wires

Wires are the main parts of electrical conduction. During a wire selection, you have to choose wisely. A wrong wiring selection can be life-threatening. There are many factors that you have to keep in mind during wire selection. Factors like temperature, safety, type of building, and savings, etc.

The wireman or electrician needs to prefer the wiring or cable according to the situation at that time.

The secret to success in a cable system operation is cable selection. You have to choose the most favorable cable for the application.

Electricians repair electrical power systems and local communications, install and design them also. But for that, they have to understand local wiring construction.

The discussion now is based on cable selection in this article.

Cable selection can be based upon the following five key factors:

Cable installation

Electrical wiring can be used for both inside and outside. However, it depends upon the diffusion system. Often, the wrong usage of pulling tension appliances. Damages the wire insulation during installation. So the work of cable installation takes professionals for minimum risk. There will be a minor possibility of connectivity errors.

Cable construction

That’s the main point affecting wire selection. The materials involved in wire construction have to be better enough for security purposes. Meanwhile, cable construction involves insulators, conductors, wire arrangement, and finish covering.

Conductors: conductorsare used in wires. They are the materials because of which wires can conduct electricity. However, Aluminum and copper-containing wires are good conducting wires.

Cable arrangement: conductors in wires can wrap into single conductor wire and three-conductor wire. However, the single conductor’s wire is easy to introduce and replace.  In Multiple cable circuits, the electrician uses a single conductor wire. Three conductor wires give a low impedance path and are ground wires.

Insulation and finish covering: insulation gives the wires usable form. Which material is to be used for insulation? Depends upon the condition. Like the temperature, load severed, corrosiveness, etc. Carbon is the main insulating material.

Cable operation

During cable operation, cable insulation is required to tolerate the voltage stresses. The insulation of wire depends on the correct phase to phase voltage. However, the common system category is as 100%, 133%, or 173% insulation levels.

Cable size

There are some factors on which cable size is dependent.

  1. Current carrying capacity.
  2. Voltage regulation.
  3. Short circuit rating.

The current carrying capacity is established on the cable’s thermal heating. Voltage regulation is important. However, you have to check the voltage drop. To guarantee the correct load voltage. Short circuit rating- to avoid short circuit and thermal damage. Cable size is checked for its capability to resist.


Shielding surrounds the power-containing conductors of a wire. The primary way to resist EMI in wires is through the use of shielding. However, Shielding reduces electrical disturbance. Also, it reduces its effect on signals and also lowers electromagnetic waves.

Shielding wire is very necessary. Shielding gives more protection than the unshielded ones. In unshielded wires, the electric field of electricity lies partly in the air and partly in the insulating part. Even more, in voltage drop in unshielded wires, there is more risk of short circuits.


Working with electricity is not a simple job. For this, an electrician has abilities and experience. Also, it is a life-threatening job. Because a little carelessness can cause major damage to you and your life. Only a skilled Electrician should put his hands in wiring. Because he knows all the preventive measures. An electrician can do both residential wiring and commercial wiring.

Moreover, you should hire the one who has a license. Anything happens to him during his job, then you should not be responsible for it. So, that you would not have to pay any extra cost for his medical care. Electrical work is not something that you can do as a DIYer. 

However, it is the work of a professional because it is very dangerous. Wires are the arteries of the electrical conduction system. Therefore, a good selection of a wire is very necessary. Only professionals can do this work perfectly. Therefore, they can do both commercial wiring and residential wiring with minimum risks at all.

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