5 Living Room Ideas with Wooden Furniture

5 Living Room Ideas with Wooden Furniture

When you plan to upgrade your living room, many ideas come to your mind. However, you should go with the one that is best for your lifestyle. For this purpose wooden furniture is the best choice. They are both elegant and classy. Also, this type of furniture brings a noticeable change to your living area. It also enhances the texture and color of your place. 

You may use any wooden article to decorate your living room. But you need to have a clear setting in your mind. Similarly, set a purpose for your place. So, do you want to entertain your guests? Or, you want to bring your family together? For both purposes, you need a different layout. That is why set your priorities.

While you decide the purpose of your living room, let’s get into the setting. Mainly, there are 2 types of settings:

  1. Formal setting
  2. Informal setting

1. Formal setting:

This type of layout is quite formal. It is intended for guests. A formal setting is usually less casual. However, you can get this look with the best luxury european furniture. Similarly, you can place two wooden sofas opposite each other. In addition, place a wooden center table between them. It is one of those traditional interior ideas that are perfect for formal gatherings. Also, you may add a classy book rack in any spare corner.

2. Informal setting:

If you have an open space for a living room, go for an informal setting. This type of setting is more casual and fun to create. You can do it for family and friends. Also, it is intended to have casual chats with your close ones. You can place a wooden sofa next to the window. Also, add comfy armchairs for a perfect informal setting. In addition, if you have a TV, point your furniture towards it. 

All of the interior ideas come from these two settings. Similarly, you can create your space according to your taste. There are five main wooden furniture pieces. You can use them to decorate your living room in any way you like. They are:

  1. Wooden sofas
  2. Wooden center table
  3. Wooden armchairs 
  4. Wooden floor lamps
  5. Wooden book racks

1. Wooden sofas:

Sofas can be found in any room of your home. However, a living room is incomplete without a perfect wooden sofa. Well, it does not have to be a sofa set. Also, you can create a perfect living area with a wooden three-seater. The point is that they can adapt to any look to want. 

Moreover, this type of wooden furniture brings a cozy feel to your living room. The idea is to place the wooden sofa in front of a window. So, the chances of getting natural light are high. You can have the best relaxing time with your loved ones.

2. Wooden center table:

A wooden center table is usually the focal point of a living room. Therefore, it has to be perfect. You can place a lower center table right in front of the sofa. Also, it looks prominent there. Being in the center, it gives a perfect look to your living room.

You may decorate the living area with other stuff as well. But, the center table must be in the middle of your furniture. You may add unique art pieces to it. Similarly, use it for serving hot coffee and tea. The point is to have both formal and informal setup.

3. Wooden armchairs:

These armchairs are in fashion these days. It was about old times when you had to pick a whole sofa set. Nowadays, two comfy armchairs are enough for a living room. A wooden armchair has become a part of wooden furniture.  

In addition, it adds to the aura of your living room. The idea is to put it in the corners of your room. Also, keep some distance between the wooden armchairs and the sofa. These wooden pieces add style to your home. And they are much more comfy than you think.

4. Wooden floor lamps:

Lights are an essential part of a living room. Besides the usual lights, a wooden floor lamp can add an old charm to your home. In addition, it brings warmth to the room. But, they are optional. Also, you may use them for both types of settings. You can create a perfect look by putting them next to your sofa. It will complement them.

5. Wooden book racks:

It is good to know that people still prefer a book rack in their living rooms. The size of a wooden bookcase matters the most. You will see unique book racks these days. This piece of wooden furniture will elevate the look of your place. Well, it does store books. However, you may use it to keep other stuff. The idea is to create an inspiring place for everybody to come.  

A Pro-tip:

Well, put these five wooden pieces in one place. And you can create a perfect layout for your living room. But, keep in mind that your furniture is pointing towards your TV screen. It is a pro-tip to get the best layout.


So, wooden furniture is an ideal choice to create the best living room. You will find different options in this furniture. But, these wooden articles are the basics of a place. You can remodel your living room with a wooden sofa and a center table. Also, use wooden armchairs for more comfort. All of these and more stuff is there in AVRS furniture. Create any look with their quality wooden pieces. 


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