5 Reasons To Put Down That Fake Plate

5 Reasons To Put Down That Fake Plate

Having a family reunion or a party? Let me guess; you are getting disposable plates in Bulk to serve food for your guests. But what if we tell you that getting reusable plates is a much better idea?

Disposable plates are super-inconvenient, much more pricey in the long run, and are very harmful to the environment. On the other hand, reusable plates will save you many bucks along the way and are much better to eat from. Not convinced? Well, read on as we simplify this matter and give you five hardcore reasons why you should ditch that fake plate and get authentic tableware instead!

Why Should I Put Down The Fake Plate?

  1. Food Is Tastier

Sounds like a myth? But it isn’t! According to research, people subconsciously relate real cutlery and tableware with high-quality, more tasty food. So if you want your guests to feel special and appreciate your food more, ditch those cheap disposable plates and get the real deal! It doesn’t have to be bone china or ceramics – just get those sturdy plastic reusable tableware from the supermarket, and you are good to go!

  1. Terrible Plate Balance

Feel like piling up your plate with food and then sitting down to enjoy your meal? Well, that does out the window with these paper-thin disposable plates. You cannot hope to balance all that food on your plate – halfway through, you will find it bending over with the weight, and in worst-case scenarios, it might just end up splitting and scattering all your food on the table or the floor.

If you want to avoid such embarrassing situations, it’s high time you replace those flimsy disposable plates with sturdy reusable ones. With those, you won’t have to worry about any rip-ups and splitting – reusable containers are perfectly capable of holding their own while you pile your plate with food. Now find a cozy chair and enjoy without worrying about making a mess!

  1. Paper Thin Plates

The sheer number of times these disposable plates suffer rip-ups! Try cutting a steak on a disposable plate; it’s a nightmare, we tell you! These disposable plates are cheaply made (hence the low price) and have no integrity at all. If you load up your plate with too much food, congratulations, your food is now half on the table or your hand.

Reusable plates are much better in this regard. They are sturdier and more durable and take as much load as you put on them. Even if you drive a knife through it accidentally, a reusable plate will come out with barely a scratch.

  1. Too Many Extras

Disposable plates come with too much extra baggage – we just don’t think it’s worth the hassle! Yes, for reusable plates, you need to clean them every time. But think about it – for disposable ones, you get too many extras in one bulk packet that gets thrown out ( not environment-friendly at all ). Further, it takes up too much space in your pantry and too many trips to the grocery store to get them every time.

Reusable plates are more user-friendly – get as many as you want, no bulk buying pressure, keep them stored in one small corner of your pantry, and if you buy it once, you get to use them for a few years at least!

  1. Not Economical In the Long Run

Now, I get what you are thinking – how can disposable plates in Bulk be not economical? Well, it isn’t, at least not in the long run. Since you keep buying in bulk at comparatively cheaper prices, you tend not to check the overall amount you spend in a year. If you do, we guarantee you will be shocked!

Now consider this: if you buy one piece of real tableware now, it can easily last you some years! While we are not saying you should invest in expensive ceramics, basic plastic tableware can be quite useful. You can wash them after every use and keep using them for years. So, in the long run, you do end up saving more if you switch!

So you can see how inconvenient disposable plates can be – you or your guest might suffer mishaps and face an embarrassing situation at any moment! Thus, it is better to shift to economic and sturdy reusable plates from the cheap flimsy disposable ones.


Disposable plates in Bulk come with their advantages – for outdoor meets, they are the perfect quick use-and-throw purpose. But their benefits are eclipsed by their disadvantages, and frankly, you can do without them. So now that you know exactly how many reasons there are for letting go of disposable plates, visit your nearest tableware store to replace disposables with long-lasting real tableware!


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