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5 Tips For Industrial Bedroom Decor Enthusiasts

5 Tips For Industrial Bedroom Decor Enthusiasts

Industrial bedrooms are slick, polished spaces that are unique in their approach to comfort and coziness. For bedroom decor that always looks ultra-modern, industrial bedrooms can be a great, creative approach to decorating your space. If you’re trying to get some of the metallic and factory-like accents of an industrial bedroom without wanting to compromise on your own comfort, you’ve come to the right place.

This piece will guide you on the five top tips you need when it comes to decorating an industrial bedroom that still looks and feels like a space you can unwind in after a long day. From finding the right mattress size for your space to choosing lighting accents that bring out warmer tones in the evening, here’s everything you need to know:

Tip #1 – Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Bedroom

No bedroom decor project is complete without the perfect mattress. Not only does the mattress you choose for your space have to be ideally comfortable enough for you to sleep in, it’s also important that you try and ensure you pick the best mattress size for your space.

This is because industrial rooms tend to have bold bedroom furniture that really make a statement, which runs the risk of your space becoming cramped. Picking a mattress size that still allows you to move around your bedroom will free up space and actually leave your room feeling more luxurious than ever.

If you’re wondering how exactly you should pick the best mattress size for your space, start by picking out something that leaves at least two feet of space on every side you want.

Tip #2 – Choose Metallic Bedroom Colors For An Ultra Industrial Finish

Industrial rooms are often associated with exposed brick and large, clunky furniture, but you can make yours extra sleek by choosing grey and metal tones to add as accents to your space. Once you’ve picked the right mattress size for your bedroom, you might for instance want to add a metallic bed frame to give your bed a polished, finished look.

You can also introduce metallic tones in other ways, including your photo frames, lamps, and other pieces of bedroom furniture in your space. Do you prefer a warmer tone? Think of fun and whimsical ways you can still incorporate an industrial vibe – a grated ceiling fan and pumpkin leather are two great options to introduce some fun to your space.

Tip #3 – Find Lighting That Complements Your Space

Your lighting plays a great role not just in how put together your industrial bedroom looks, but also in your sleep and the overall comfort of your space. Even the top rated mattresses size won’t keep you cozy if you’re exposing yourself to harsh light as you’re winding down for a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to picking lighting that works for your space, it’s important you try and focus on black and metallic accents. You might also want to use lanterns with warm lighting to really add to the industrial lighting feel in your bedroom.

Avoiding cool lighting will ensure you avoid your sleep cycle from being disrupted through the night. Lighting is a great way to be creative with your space, and there are tons of industrial themed lamps you can find on websites such as Etsy that are going to ensure you really hit the mark on your bedroom decor theme.

When it comes to industrial bedrooms and space, it’s always useful to think about what you want the overall palette and feel of your space to be before you go ahead and start decorating. With a plan in place, you’re going to find choosing other elements to fill in becomes a whole lot easier, leaving you with a bedroom that feels modern and polished before you know it. 

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