Amazon Soon Going To Open A Reward Program For Flex Delivery Drivers

Amazon Soon Going To Open A Reward Program For Flex Delivery Drivers
Amazon Soon Going To Open A Reward Program For Flex Delivery Drivers

Recent updates call that Amazon has started a reward program for Flex delivery drivers. Depending on how much work they carry out for the Amazon company they will not be able to take the advantage of that. Yes, you are hearing correct the workers now can get advantaged from this. Furthermore, this is very much easier for them to get work and perhaps persuade them to work more by spending more hours on Flex other than all different platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and many more.

All the contractors who work for Flex make Amazon and Whole Food deliveries with their own vehicles and cover down their own expenses. So, shifts are not easy always, however, by CBNC notes, drivers are only having a few seconds for accepting down the shift when it comes out there on the Flex application before someone else claims it down. If drivers are easily able to claim the shifts and earn more points to reach a higher level of reward programs then they are going to have 30 minutes to accept the reserved shifts. Furthermore, they can have Flex with preferred days, times, and delivery stations through the service app over there. Amazon says that it is going to offer more shifts as they can progress through ranks.

Probing further, the reward system going to be started will help drivers to have a cashback debit card for a no-fee banking account. They are going to get more back for Amazon and fuel purchase other than goods. Amazon is also going to provide drivers access to thousands of discounts through the program.

The company has also CNBC that in the early stage of rolling out the program it is going to be eventually active for Flex drivers in the US.

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