Car Insurance Engine Protection Add-on: Coverage & Importance

Car Insurance Engine Protection Add-on: Coverage & Importance

The coverage of each car insurance policy is pre-defined; be it a liability-only plan where the coverage is limited to third-party liabilities or a comprehensive plan where it includes coverage for own damages. While some of you may find this pre-defined coverage to be sufficient, for some it isn’t. Thus, the insurance companies offer the facility to purchase add-on covers.

These add-on covers are optional policy features that are available with a comprehensive car insurance policy. With these additional features, it becomes easy to fine tune the policy coverage to include certain additional events that can end up damaging your car. One such add-on cover is the engine protection add-on.

What is engine protection add-on?

Comprehensive car insurance although has a wider coverage as compared to its third-party counterpart, it still lacks in some areas. One such area is damage to the engine and its components. A comprehensive policy excludes any cost of repairs for the engine or its related components. To compensate for this shortcoming, an engine protection add-on can cover these losses. Since the engine is the heart of your vehicle, any repairs can put a dent in your bank account.

For instance, rains are notorious to cause waterlogging and resulting in a severe damage to car engines. These repairs can be a hefty expense if such water enters the engine block often leading to a hydrostatic lock when cranked up. With an engine protection cover, you need not worry about these unexpected and uncontrollable situations. The insurer takes care of these repairs giving the needed financial support.

What is included in the scope of engine protection add-on?

This engine protection add-on is in addition to your base comprehensive insurance plan. Since it is a voluntary feature, it happens to increase the car insurance prices. The insurance company reimburse any costs that are required towards engine repairs subject to policy terms. The following are some of the repairs that are covered under engine protection add-on:

  • Repairs required due to leakage of fluids and oils inside the engine requiring replacement or repairs.
  • Repairs required due to water seepage into the combustion chamber and other components.
  • Any physical damage to the components of the engine like gearbox, pistons, crankshaft, etc that demands replacement or even repairs.
  • Damages due to hydrostatic lock which is caused when water has entered the engine and it is turned on.

This add-on cover can come handy especially during monsoon where flooding is prevalent. Further, expensive cars have substantial repair costs and at such times, this add-on can serve as a backup alternative.

Are there exclusions to this add-on?

Akin to all insurance policies, this add-on also has certain exclusions where coverage is restricted. Any force-start to the engine when submerged in water is one event where it can result in a hydrostatic lock and this rejected by the insurance company. Further, any consequential damages due to such engine damages are not covered by this add-on cover. Some insurers also have certain limitation on the number of times a claim can be made using this add-on cover. And lastly, there is a limit on the age of the cars for which coverage is offered.

These are some ways how an engine protection add-on can come handy. So, remember to include it in your insurance purchase or car insurance renewal online.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.


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