Cheer Up to Play the IPL Fantasy Game
Cheer Up to Play the IPL Fantasy Game

Cheer Up to Play the IPL Fantasy Game


Like every year, IPL has come into the picture. This time, it is a bit different, where the world is undergoing the pandemic and, everything remains shaken. For the very first time, IPL is being played on outside India with no physical spectator at the stadium. Though the IPL conduction this year had seemed difficult, it was made possible with around many changes and keeping the COVID-19 protocols in place. As the IPL season has begun, so has the craze for IPL fantasy app, risen among the masses. The craze for the game has risen over since and, players remain excited to compete and earn exciting cash prizes along with any other prizes which may be provided through the apps. Due to the increasing popularity, there lies a declining trend of cash prizes. To overthrow the difficulty and ensure a win-win situation through the fantasy league, we have identified some of the tips to which could be followed while playing the IPL fantasy game.

  1. Build a strong foundation: To play the game, one needs to have the foundation strong. It means that one needs to grapple with the very foundation of creating a strong team every time while playing the game. A strong foundation would help in combatting every barrier which stays beyond the control of the player. It is always advisable to choose a strong team to increase the chance of getting huge returns from the game.
  2. Choose international players: There lies no advice in not choosing national players, but it is always advisable to choose international players. There needs to be a proper match while choosing the players so that the international players also get selected in the team along with other national players, to increase the bond of the team created and, also to increase the probability of winning the game.
  3. Choose the deserving for Captaincy: Though the payer would have full control over the team selection, it becomes important that the player chooses the most deserved person for playing the captaincy role. Choosing the captaincy position judiciously would help the chance of creating more points and the further chance of winning big.
  4. Get the allrounder player: To increase the chance of winning, it is advisable to choose the player who is an allrounder. An allrounder player would enjoy the benefit of collecting points in all the aspects, and would also entail in maintaining the average performance. The player would help in compensating loss for any other player, which might arise and, it would be a great option to consider a player who is an allrounder in the aspect.
  5. Experiment based on insights: The IPL fantasy league provides an option to the player of experimenting based on their insights and choice. As the game is based on the formation of the team, the player enjoins the benefit of experimenting with the team structure and form based on the desire or the insights which the player may deem fit. For an amateur player, this feature comes as unleashing the desire of forming the team of the desired player and waiting for the team to stand well in the game. It is highly advised to experiment while choosing the team, as not always the star player would be successful. Also, choosing the team on an experiment basis may yield fruitful results, as many other players would be busy in choosing the common players, which will be of no use in letting the player win, for the reason of extreme competition.
  6. Choose wisely based upon the conditions prescribed: It is highly advisable to choose the team based on the terms and conditions of the game. The player though may have chosen the best team, but it needs to fall within the ambit of the terms and conditions. While forming the team, one should frantically look upon the conditions first and later choose the team based on it.
  7. Team Balance: While creating the team, the aspect of balancing the team in the aspect of wicketkeeper, bowler, batsman, and allrounder is important. It is advised that the team selection should judiciously include all the players who are good at various parts but should not be restricted to overloading players of a particular aspect. It is advised that based on the overall strategy and the relative development, the team should comprise a proper mix of all players.
  8. Selection based on the announcement of players: It is essential for the player that they form the team only after the announcement of players playing the particular match is being made. It may end up on another note that the player chosen may not play the particular match, and the team formed may get affected. A proper strategy in this aspect is highly suggested and this would act as a beneficial tool in increasing the possibility of winning.
  9. Rely on your instincts: Though, many tips have been provided in choosing the right team but, the right choice remains in going by the instincts. A player if, feels to take the step should necessarily take the particular decision and, it should not be in any way be affected by the other tips, as provided. Instincts of the player should be relied upon while playing the fantasy league.

With some of the useful tips provided, it could be analyzed, that to win big in the IPL fantasy premier league one must get the foundation strong at first and later devise a strategy as the case may be and depending upon the various tips and formulations provided. It could be observed from the above tips that, to win huge the player needs to keep many a thing intact in his mind and devise a full strategy. It could also be said that, though winning remains a tough task but, by following the tips identified by us, it would certainly make the probability of winning higher. So, apply your knowledge and you are good to go.


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