Citibank Credit Card Net Banking Services

Citibank Credit Card Net Banking Services

Over the past few decades, Citibank has established itself as a stalwart in the realm of banking and finance. Its credit cards are synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and ease of transactions. By being a Citibank credit card cardholder, you can be sure to enjoy a line of credit extended to you provided you pay your credit card bills on time. You can use this credit card to make a wide range of payments and can spend on whatever you’d like. Today, credit cards are accepted by an expansive range of merchants and allow for online purchases to be made with ease and efficiency.

Exploring Citibank’s Net Banking Portal

Internet banking or net banking as it is popularly called today, allows you to carry out various banking services online with ease. Registering for the same is simple and moreover, it simplifies your life as you no longer need to visit a physical branch of the Bank to have your queries or transactions addressed.

Some of the many benefits associated with using net banking include but aren’t limited to –

  • Making bill payments instantly
  • Transferring funds with efficiency
  • Viewing your account statements

Registering for Citibank’s Net Banking

Online –

  1. Go to the Citibank website
  2. Select the ‘First time user, register now’ button which is visible on the left side of the page.
  3. Select the type of account you have and fill out your card number, CVV and your date of birth.
  4. Make sure to authenticate the information you provide.
  5. Select a user ID and PIN that works best for you in order to complete the registration process.
  6. Citi credit card login can now be done by you and you can now partake in Citibank’s net banking services with ease.

Offline –

  1. You can register for Citibank’s net banking services by visiting a physical branch of the Bank.
  2. You will be provided with an internet banking application form and you’ll be required to key out your details.
  3. Sign this form and submit it such that a welcome kit featuring your user ID and password can be provided to you.

Making Citibank Credit Card Payments

Citi credit card payments can be made online as well as offline.

Online credit card payment –

  • This can be carried out in several ways some of which have been mentioned below.
  • Auto payment debit
  • Billdesk
  • Citibank’s mobile application
  • NEFT
  • Net banking
  • RTGS
  • Visiting an online non-Citibank portal

Offline credit card payment –

  • You can make credit card payments offline by either –
  • Paying in cash
  • Submitting a cheque to a cheque drop box or at the nearest ATM
  • Funds can also be transferred at an ATM


Credit cards have continued to grow in popularity over the past decade owing to the quick and cashless transactions they afford their patrons. Citibank’s credit cards are accepted by most merchants and have an array of rewards and offers that are exclusively available to their cardholders. Visit Finserv MARKETS to learn more about Citibank credit cards net banking services.


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