Complete Guide on How to Track Refund on TurboTax
Complete Guide on How to Track Refund on TurboTax

Complete Guide on How to Track Refund on TurboTax


TurboTax is popular tax preparation software, and the specific work of TurboTax is the electronic filing of state and federal tax returns. This software is extremely beneficial for the taxpayers from firms, business corporations, and various offices.  Moreover, every year this software comes up with numerous updates, techniques, and designs to make the user experience smooth and easy. Apart from all this, with each passing year, new users opt for TurboTax, and hence they face specific issues while using TurboTax. One of the major topics where TurboTax users face problems is when they try to use the TurboTax refund tracker. In this blog, we will discuss the stepwise solution and the complete information about how one can easily track a refund in TurboTax.

What you should know to Track Refund in TurboTax?

In case you wish to track refund in TurboTax, then it is important for you to know the IRS breakdown. There are three stages in IRS, which include Return Received, Return Approved, and Return Sent. Once you click on one file, you can easily check the status of refund TurboTax. Everything in TurboTax is done with a particular process and in a specific frame of time. The time taken by the software is called Refund Processing Time.

Step by Step Guide for TurboTax Login Track My Refund

  • Primarily, one thing needs to be understood on priority is that everything needs time, and the same is the case with the refund process
  • Once you e-file, you need to keep a check-in between the time frame of 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, you can also check using the IRS and asking the question: ‘where is my refund?’ In case you mail a paper tax return, then you will not be able to check the status of your tax returns for four weeks
  • When you receive notice, and then return the notice within 24-48hrs after an e-file. There is a tool known as ‘my refund tool’ on IRS, which will notify you with the message ‘return received’ once your process resumes. Moreover, you will not find a refund date until IRS does not finish processing your tax return or approves your tax refund
  • The status from Return Received to Return Approved only changes when IRS does the process. It is one of the major changes that occur during the process. You will not get any revert on where is my refund if your tax received is not done and if your tax approval is not changed. There are high chances that it might take a few days
  • This tool called as ‘where is my refund?’ is a tool by IRS and is well known for providing the users with a specific date of refund once the status is changed from ‘received to approved’
  • In case the tool – where is my refund sends you a message stating ‘refund sent’, then you should understand that the IRS has sent your tax refund to your respected financial institution with the help of fixed deposit
  • Lastly, it might take a bit longer if you have requested to get a mail. However, the general time for this is 1 -5days for your financial institution to deposit in your account. In case of any problem, reach out to TurboTax support.

Follow the above stepwise guide to get the apt solution to track the refund in TurboTax. Moreover, the solution is provided in step by step format for the convenience of the users. Each step is explained in an elaborate manner so that users don’t encounter any problem while executing the steps. Another major issue wherein several TurboTax users often encounter problem is the TurboTax login. However, the process is extremely easy and quick, but still, sometimes, users come across issues. To resolve this concern, there are numerous troubleshooting and quick fixes to solve this issue.


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