Corrupted Files: 3 Ways To Repair PDF Files And

Corrupted Files: 3 Ways To Repair PDF Files And

Digital documents are always vulnerable to viruses and any form of being corrupted. PDF files are not excused with this problem. You can try to keep it as clean as possible, but it is often not sure how the malware reaches your files.

Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF is a widely used format for sharing files safely. For storing copies, editing files, and many more. There are a lot of sites online that offer tools to manipulate your PDF files.

PDFs are also accepted in all operating systems that will make it possible for anyone you share your file. Here are some of the reasons for corrupting PDF files that will be followed by ways to repair your PDF.

Why Are Files Getting Corrupted?

Before you send your PDF file to a Repair PDF tool online, check on the reasons for the corrupted file. And you may prevent these in your PDF files.

Hard drive or storage device failure

Hard drive and storage device failure may be caused by many reasons. Mostly external environment reasons like it is not water-resistant storages, excessive heating of devices, or an electrical short circuit.

The situation can come like so, flash drives are magnets to any file you feed it. It won’t filter your file, flash drives won’t even indicate that it is carrying a corrupted file.

Download issues

Unstable internet connections can cause corruption on the PDF file. You may be downloading your PDF, but it does not fully go through. Improper or incomplete downloads can be a disturbance to the file structures.

Are you working from home, and all your files you need to download from online company storage. Check and make sure that the internet is strong and fast.

Improper system shutdown and power failures

Another reason for incomplete downloads or delay in transferring files. The proper system shutdown must be monitored and observed to avoid interruption for your files.

Do you need to get out of the office at a strict time? Suddenly, you forgot to turn your computer off. Or you forgot to close all the windows on your personal computer. Keep track of your time.

Issues during file transfer

Always eject the file from the PC before pulling it. This will assure you that the files are completely transferred or copied. You can avoid these mistakes so you can avoid lesser chances of PDF file corruption and damage.

When transferring, take notice that these files being sent in bulk. Sometimes when the memory is full, the transfer will automatically stop. We can not check which files are completely transferred or partially transferred.

3 Ways to Repair PDF

Restore the previous version of the file

Back-ups are one of your life-saving file keepers. Your backups, however, must be checked and updated regularly. But this will be worth it once you realize you still have a copy of the files.

There are online backup offers that you can use, and you can access them anytime. The good thing about backups is having an extra copy in case, for this situation, your file is corrupted or damaged. 

Try other PDF reader tools

Check the programs and applications that are reading your PDF files. Make sure that they are working.

There are plenty of PDF tools on the internet. You can use their tools freely and wonderfully. These tools are for free and are very convenient.

If your tool keeps on lagging or does not accept your file, you better look for backup sites. Your main PDF reader tool can be under maintenance or is going through some updates. It is best if you try another reader tool before you lose and corrupt your file.

Use PDF online tools

Online PDF tools are helpful to any documentation you need that is related to PDF. Repair PDFs will guide you with easy instructions to follow.

Repair PDFs, such as PDFBear, will upload your file, it is ok since most sites are not allowed to share the files outside the internet.

Follow these instructions, these are the common steps to repairing your PDF with online tools. First, drag and drop your file for the tool to upload and copy to its database. Next, choose repair PDF when the upload is done. There are additional instructions that you will need to cover. Wait for the PDF tool to repair your file. After that, you can download your new file.


Be aware of your files. These files are always in a state of vulnerability to corruption and damage. Although there are tools online and repair solutions available. Prevention is always better than cure.

Keep your system and clean and always on an updating backup. Make sure all external data and storage are never damaged or make sure it does not carry any virus. Then you will be fine.

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