Don’t need politics ads on Facebook and Instagram feed?

Don’t need politics ads on Facebook and Instagram feed?
Don’t need politics ads on Facebook and Instagram feed?

Different ads that come to your Instagram and Facebook feed comes with the territory of using social networking. But don’t worry, if you do not want these types of advertisements to pop out on your screen then turn them off. Recently, the Facebook-social networking site is out with an update where it gives you an option to turn off all the politics related ads. By using Facebook only you can easily turn off the politics related ads on both the sites and app. Just go and try this amazing feature out.

The release about this feature was announced this year only but it rolled out for the people of the US in June, according to a blog post. Facebook says that you can now easily prevent out the politics related ads without any issues. By turning off the ads no politics ad will appear on your feed, even the paid ads will also not appear. Apart from this, there is an optional feature on Facebook that tells efforts around voting, including new voter centers. Therefore, this gives people all the information about how to vote, when to vote, and many more.

Don’t need politics ads on Facebook and Instagram feed?

Don’t need politics ads on Facebook and Instagram feed?

How to turn down the politics related ads? Here’s something that will tell you how to do it, have a look:

To turn off the political ads on your Instagram and Facebook feed, you will have to visit the application or website. Then go to settings and privacy, then settings, go to ads now, then to ads preferences. After this all tap ad topics, social issues, elections, and politics. Then tap sees fewer ads related to this and here you are done. Now, the feeds of both applications will not show you politics-related ads. Go and try this feature out if you are also fed up from the politics related ads popping on your feed.

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