Drug Addiction Treatment Vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab – Which One Should I Choose?

Drug Addiction Treatment Vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab - Which One Should I Choose?

If you’re debating what type of treatment method will be best for your current situation, then you need to take a few things into consideration. You have to decide if an inpatient or outpatient treatment program is best for our current addiction – are you currently in the throes of addiction and you have never been to rehab before? If so, attending an inpatient drug addiction treatment center is the best way that you can get the support, help, and motivation you need to continue with your program, avoid relapsing, and get clean. However, if you have been to rehab before, you are coming out of a 30 or 60-day program, and you have learned the skills to re-enter society, then you can consider going to outpatient drug rehab. 

Let’s see the best way that you can choose between these two treatment methodologies and how you can kick your addiction once and for all.

The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Treatment Vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab

If you reconsider which one to go to so you can get clean, stay sober, and lead a healthy life, the decision depends on your current addiction, the length of your addiction, your story, personality, and your current mental health status. And If you find that you’re struggling with getting clean, relapsing, and your mental health, then going to an inpatient center can provide the support and the medication that you may need to get sober. If you find that you have just successfully completed an inpatient program and you are ready to take on the real world, attending an outpatient drug rehab could be the ideal choice to transition back into society. You can learn more about drug addiction treatment at The Edge Treatment Center.

  • Pros of drug addiction treatment center: the biggest benefit of going to a drug addiction treatment center is that you will have 24/7 support. Compared to doing this on your own or going to outpatient therapy, you will have access to staff, doctors, and counselors at all hours of the day and night. This way, you can speak to someone if you are feeling the need to relapse, you are unmotivated to continue with the program, or you are having depressing thoughts. The 24/7 support will help you stay on track with your program and avoid any slip-ups in your quest to get sober.
  • Pros of outpatient drug rehab: after you have successfully completed an inpatient rehab stint, you can transition to outpatient therapy so you can keep a job or continue going to school. If you’re currently working at a high-end job that you really want to keep for the rest of your life, or you are in the middle of a semester at school, attending outpatient drug rehab can help you keep your room life and continue with your treatment plan.


Choosing between a drug addiction treatment and an outpatient drug rehab plan depends on your current situation. If you have successfully completed inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab can help you continue going to therapy and keep your normal life. However, for those struggling with addiction, consider going to a drug addiction treatment center to get the help and support you need – and deserve.

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