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Drug Detoxification: the Procedure, the Side-Effects, and its Effectiveness

Drug Detoxification: the Procedure, the Side-Effects, and its Effectiveness

Drug detoxification is a medically proven way of curing yourself of drug abuse. It is not the only thing to do, it is the first step, the first method in the journey of recovering from substance abuse. Drug detoxification gets you ready for the substance abuse healing procedure.

What does “drug detox” means?

Drug detox means to cleanse the inside of the body from drugs that the patient has been abusing. The body, first of all, stops any kind of drugs that it used to get which causes the body to get rid of the drugs inside the bloodstream to get rid of them gradually through discharging.

Sometimes, the cases are so severe that alternative but healthy drugs in small amounts are given to the patients to slowly wean them off of drugs that they were addicted to. Typically, using alternate drugs isn’t what all New Jersey Detox Centers do.

They all prefer to make the patient go through proper detoxification where no alternate drugs are administered, but in very rare cases, this can happen and is needed.

How drug detox works

Drug detox works by eliminating the existing drugs in the system and getting rid of them for good. Then the withdrawal symptoms are to be taken care of by the medical staff that is administered in the facility. Usually, there are two kinds of medical staff, the first one is in the inpatient detox treatment which involves the staff being around the patient all the time so that the withdrawal symptoms are easy to deal with and handle.

Then there is the outpatient treatment where the patient’s withdrawal symptoms are not too much because outpatient detox treatment is only given to patients that have mild to low drug abuse history and condition. The medical staff for outpatient detox treatment is only there during the facility hours at some New Jersey Detox Centers.

The side-effects of drug detoxification

Many people go through the withdrawal symptoms, some are severe while some are mild, some tend to not experience anything under medical detox treatment, whether it is, inpatient detox treatment or outpatient detox treatment. But, many people also experience many side-effects or withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can make them relapse and do or say things that might make a mess of the entire situation. Regardless, the side-effects can be jarring, they are the following:

  • Changes in moods; mood swings, stress, depression, agitation.
  • Changes in the body; influenza type symptoms, nausea, shaking, migraines, rashes.
  • Severe cravings for sweets, fast food, and especially drugs that the patient is trying to get rid of.

Effectiveness of drug detox

Drug detox treatments are highly effective and are deemed better than the house treatments that some facilities and people tend to go for. Some people try to detox themselves but it never usually works out, unfortunately. All they do is relapse, which is not their fault.

Drugs are hard to wear off, they affect your mind and when the mind gets wired to a certain pattern, it keeps seeking that pattern as a way to survive. This pattern can only be broken by drug detox treatments like inpatient detox treatment and outpatient detox treatment.

Drug detox treatments are effective because the medical staff is always there to handle the withdrawal symptoms which are the biggest culprit in people relapsing during their detox process, which sets them back to zero—from the very start.

The numerous New Jersey Detox Centers have therapies and counseling services that patients get to do to better rewire their brains away from the old drug addiction pattern. Sooner or later, the detox process becomes effective and gets the patient ready for the next treatment in curing them of substance abuse for good.

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