Emma Watson Was Confused When She Learned She Had Been Cast As Hermione: Harry Potter

Emma Watson Was Confused When She Learned She Had Been Cast As Hermione: Harry Potter
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When it comes to some of the popular movie franchise, then the first movie that strikes our mind is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of the best and hard-pressed movies that has been loved by people from all across the world. There were around eight movies of Harry Potter and all of them were ensnared audiences from around the globe and earned million, dollars, and well. Furthermore, Harry Potter was the movie having three main characters Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. A big thanks to all three of them because they made the movie household names practically over the night only.

It was seeming like Emma was asked to play the role of Hermione from the starting only. Like the Harry Potter character only, she took her role very much seriously, and this the only reason why all the eight movies of Harry Potter become a big hit. According to the survey, Emma Watson spends hours just on learning her lines and performing up very well with the role.

Emma Watson was over-prepared for her first Harry Potter movie-

Emma Watson gave down the statements about her journey in Harry Potter. She says that I was nine only when I was appointed for the role of Hermione and I love that role and my lines also. Watson shared all her feelings in an interview with W Magazine. She said that I was very much excited about this role that I prepared my lines and do it over again and again. Funnily enough, Emma says that if you watch down the first movie of Harry Potter, you can easily see me mouthing lines of Ron and Harry as well. Emma says that I was very much crazy about the movie that I do it again.

Emma Watson Was Confused When She Learned She Had Been Cast As Hermione: Harry Potter

Emma Watson Was Confused When She Learned She Had Been Cast As Hermione: Harry Potter

Furthermore, she says that I was not only obsessive for the line, along with that I was obsessive with my role as well and that too before the cast. In addition, she says that while auditioning we used to clear down so many rounds and I used to sit next to the phone just to know if I have progressed to the next level or not. Emma Watson says that this is how obsessive I was for the movie.

Watson gave multiple auditions before the casting of hers as Hermione-

Emma says that I gave around eight auditions just to have this role in my hand. Moreover, I auditioned with three, four different sets of Harrys. I used to wait so long for the calls and that was the time when I learned when you’re waiting for something it never comes. But one day when I was out of the home, a call came for me that I am cast as Hermione in the Harry Potter movie.

Watson got confused when she was told she booked Harry Potter-

Soon after the call, the director of the producer of the movie meet me in a pristine white office and said that I am the preferred candidate for the role of Hermione. She asked me what does the preferred candidate means that I’m appointed to the Harry Potter movie. Therefore, soon after an hour the photographs of Dan [Radcliffe], Rupert [Grint], and I were posted on the internet stating the three of us have been cast for the Harry Potter movie. Hence, the people from all around the globe were likely used to Watson, that can’t even imagine anyone else in Hermione.

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