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Enjoy Rishikesh rafting while visiting Gangotri National Park

Enjoy Rishikesh rafting while visiting Gangotri National Park
Enjoy Rishikesh rafting while visiting Gangotri National Park

It would be best to visit Uttarakhand in the particular season of New Year’s Eve. Everybody likes to spend the new year in their way. Some people like to visit traditional places whereas some people want to feel adventurous journey in that specific day. Nowadays, various efficient new year packages to Rishikesh are available for convenient traveling. Nothing can be better than visiting Rishikesh, Tapovan to the people who like thrills and excitement. Don’t ever miss the chance to get the adventurous feeling through trekking to mountain-surrounded villages, rafting in Rishikeshriverside camping in Rishikesh, camping in Tapovan, etc.

 Gangotri National Park is one of the interesting places to visit in Uttarakhand. It is a perfect place for those people who like to explore nature always. You will get varieties of wild animals and birds in that park. Almost 150 different species of birds are available in that sanctuary. Who does not like to experience the beauty of flying birds in the colorful sky? You can go for a jeep safari to explore the forest at its best. Hand-gliding and paragliding are also available in the park to fulfil visitor’s satisfaction. It would be best to go trekking in Gangotri national park. But you have to make a permit from the officers before experiencing such a compulsive journey.

Best adventurous things to do in Gangotri National Park:

The whole Uttarakhand region consists of a thrilling and exciting atmosphere, and Gangotri National Park is also no exception to it. You can perform varieties of adventurous activities there. Include your family members, friends, loved ones in that trip to make your journey to Gangotri National park more special. Go through the following article to know which sorts of activities you can do in Gangotri National Park.

1. Skiing 

Most of the hills of Gangotri are covered with snow. You can go skating in some of these snow-covered hills. Similarly, Gangotri National Park is an attractive place for skiing, and you can enjoy the thrilling experience of skiing with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Lots of training schools are available there, where you can learn the basics of skiing. Furthermore, you can hire an instructor who will guide you regarding the safest method of skiing. He will also prepare everything so that you can enjoy skiing conveniently. Skiing is probably one of the best thrilling activities you can perform here.

Location- Gangotri National Park.

2. River rafting

River rafting in Gangotri National Park is another breath-taking activity you can practice. The glacier of the Ganges is one of the best places for river rafting in India. This Gangotri National Park rafting will make your trip memorable by making your heart a bit faster for few moments. Moreover, kayaking and rafting in the rivers have become famous to tourists all over the world. You can watch out for the spectacular view and experience the thrilling adventure of Rishikesh rafting, Shivpuri rafting as well. Rishikesh rafting is reputed among the tourists who love adventure because of fearing rafting experience in Ganga. The cost of the Gangotri National Park rafting session is lower than other river rafting spots in Uttarakhand. 

Why should you go rafting in Gangotri National Park?

River rafting in Gangotri National Park will offer you tremendous thrilling circumstances. Some causes are mentioned below why you should go river rafting in Gangotri National Park.

i) Rafting in the Ganges:

The Ganges is the holiest river in India. So, rafting, kayaking in Ganga will refresh your mind completely. It will help you to spend your new year with lots of fun and enjoyment.

ii) Mental satisfaction:

River rafting in Gangotri National park will boost up your mental health and give you a true fighting spirit as well. Rafting will offer you a heart-warming rejuvenating experience if you are bored enough from your daily life.

Location- Gangotri national park rafting, Rishikesh rafting, Shivpuri rafting.

3. Riverside campaign

Have you ever thought about spending a heart-whelming night with your loved ones in a camping tent beside the Ganga river? You will be provided with breakfast and lunch in time while spending a memorable time in the tents. You will get a fascinating experience by enjoying the silence of the riverside night. Moreover, you will be thrilled while hearing the adventurous sound of the forest nearby. 

You can hear the sound of the river, chirping sound of different birds while spending your time in the camps of Gangotri National Park. 

Rishikesh camping is also reputed among the tourists due to its mesmerizing beauty in the moonlit night, the impressive scenery of the riverside Ganges area.

4. Mountain trekking

Trekking is another thrilling experience that will help you to explore the beauty of mountains. You will face challenging situations while trekking many places in Gangotri National Park. These difficult challenges will give you the most chilling experience of all. But the important thing is, you need to acquire permission from the department officers for trekking. It would be best to hire a guide for a convenient trekking experience in Gangotri National Park.


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