Here Is Why You Should Take a Personal Loan This Festive Season
Here Is Why You Should Take a Personal Loan This Festive Season

Here Is Why You Should Take a Personal Loan This Festive Season


India, a country synonymous with myriad festivals and vivid culture – celebrate festivals all year-round. With the beginning of festivals, you will end up ensuring that your house is decorated and have all the festival essentials. As Indians, celebrating each festival with a lot of splendour is something deep rooted in our blood. The expenses of grand Dhanteras, Diwali, Dussehra, and Karvachauth might be a little more than what you have saved. Considering the duration of these festivals, they are long-lasting which means an ample amount of expense crops up.

Without straining your savings you can cover up all your expenses this festival, by applying for personal loans online. To completely understand how this decision can be fruitful to you, look at all the 7 reasons why you should opt for a personal loan to make gratifying memories this festive season.

When you carefully examine all the reasons for choosing a personal loan, you will gain a better understanding of how it works perfectly to avoid any cash crisis during the celebration.

  1. Apply with Ease: Considering festivals to be the busiest time, you surely would not be favoring time-consuming loan formalities. Fortunately, personal loans get approved instantly and in a hassle-free manner. All you got to do is to check out the eligibility criteria and a free credit score check. Also, a personal loan will help you to avoid the hurdle of visiting the bank for documentation, rather than assist you to have fun with your family while they credit your account. 
  2. Flexible End Use: Unlike a car loan or education loan, a personal loan comes with absolutely no spending constraints. This means you have complete flexibility while spending money aid from the personal loan. The credited amount which has been disbursed is feasible and is used for anything and everything. You are feasible to spend it during your Karvachauth celebration, Dussehra, Diwali or Dhanteras. It is a multi-purpose loan type suitable to meet any necessity or emergency requirement.
  3. Quick Disbursal: Enjoy instant disbursal to avoid uninterrupted celebrations. The sudden thought of running out of cash can be solved by availing a personal loan. Within a few hours, your account gets credited with the specified loan amount. An abrupt expense in a festival is not new; recover it instantly by applying for a loan. What can be better than having the required money within some 48 hours? Availing for a smart personal loan can gear up your festive mood instantly.
  4. Collateral Free: Personal loan is completely unsecured, which means there is no hurdle of pledging any of your valuable assets for loan sanction procedure. The amount completely depends on the current credit score, financial profile, and the limit of the lender. Without the stress of keeping your collateral with the bank during the festive realm, a personal loan apply decision will prove fruitful. 
  5. Repayment Flexibility: The best perk of availing a personal loan for the festive season is that it comes without any immediate repayment obligation. Repaying the loan amount is completely your decision and choice. The tenure is usually kept between one to five years in the case of personal loans. The decision of repayment is based on your repaying capability, which means you can opt for a short tenure to become stress-free, or a long tenure to ensure minimum EMI amount.
  6. High loan amount: As an Indian, you surely would not hold back yourself from spending lavishly when it comes to festivals. Thankfully, the personal loan amount starts from INR 30,000 and is usually extended to INR 50 Lakh. Therefore, a personal loan helps you to spend on everything you want to, without compromising a bit. After all, festivals make India Beautiful.
  7. Appealing Interest Rate: An appealing interest rate of a personal loan makes it a perfect choice to fund your festivals. The interest rate is not the same everywhere, it completely depends upon Banks and other money-lending entities, however, and it starts from 9.89%.

So, personal loan online apply decisions will help you to break through all the financial constraints during the festivals. Uphold the greatness of Indian culture by making the celebrations, Grand. Apply for a personal loan to stop cash crunch from interrupting your festivals. Borrow smartly and remember to pay it back responsibly.


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