How a Higher RAM Smartphone Can Simplify Your Work?

How a Higher RAM Smartphone Can Simplify Your Work?
How a Higher RAM Smartphone Can Simplify Your Work?

There was a time when Blackberry phones were all the rage. If you were an executive, you just had to carry a Blackberry. From its instant messaging service, to the ease with which it would allow you to draft an email and send it to your peers or clients, Blackberry phones were considered to be the pocket-devices of businessmen. Fast forward to today, and almost all of us own a device that is more functional, and much smarter than a Blackberry. That is not a knock on the device itself; in the past fifteen years, we’ve come a long way in the smartphone industry.

Phones today are much smarter in general, and with brands integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can expect them to get even smarter in the near future. Furthermore, most of the budget smartphones come with fast processors and high RAM size, which are crucial for the phone to function optimally. While we all know about processors, and how they enable phones to respond faster, we might not be aware of random access memory (RAM).

When we look at high-end, premium smartphones, or the top variants of mid-premium or flagship mobiles that come with 12GB RAM, we may think that it might be an overkill. After all, what can a 12GB RAM mobile do that an 8GB RAM mobile can’t? As it turns out, having a higher RAM smartphone can simplify your work. Here’s why.

Ease of multitasking

The best mobiles under 20000 INR come with higher RAM size, which lets users multitask easily without any hassles. For instance, a 6GB RAM mobile makes it much easier to switch between different applications, or load applications faster than a 4GB RAM mobile. This is particularly helpful when you have to open an app faster, either for work, or for any other purpose.

Having a higher RAM size becomes even more important if you want to download heavy applications, such as gaming apps, video editing apps or apps to edit images/Photoshop. Considering the fact that we often leave the apps running in the background, so that we can quickly get back to where we had left, these apps eat up a lot of memory, and professionals that do most of their work on their smartphones need at least 8GB RAM, or can opt for mobiles with 12GB RAM.

Faster response time

While the processor takes care of the responsiveness of the smartphone, it is the RAM that ensures that the apps load faster, and are responsive. For instance, it takes a lot of time for an app like WhatsApp to start when you have a smartphone with 2GB RAM, but it loads faster when you have a 4GB or 6GB RAM mobile. Today, you can buy a 4GB RAM phone for less than Rs. 10,000, while you can purchase a 6GB RAM mobile phone for less than Rs. 20,000.

Smartphone brands know that consumers today have greater demands, and thus, the best mobiles under 20,000 INR, such as Realme 7 and Vivo S1 Pro pack as much as 8GB RAM! This ensures that smartphone users will have a better user experience, and won’t have to even look at mid-premium or premium models in order to have the best mobile experience.

No lags

It goes without saying that we do not like lags, regardless of the situation. There was a time when we had to live with the fact that lags were common — and inevitable — in budget phones. Today however, we no longer have to worry about our phones lagging, even though our phones carry 50 apps or more!

This is because our smartphones are designed better, and carry higher RAM size. To put things into perspective, upper mid-range laptops today come with 8GB RAM, while as mentioned above, a few smartphones under Rs. 20,000 come with 8GB RAM! We can chalk this down to the laser-focused approach of smartphone brands, to provide us with the best user experience possible.


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