How to cancel Norton Antivirus Subscription on PC?

How to cancel Norton antivirus subscription on PC?

Norton antivirus provides premium security tools for your PC. It has various plans and users can easily find a good antivirus plan for their system. This software also offers a multi-licensed plan where you can install your Norton antivirus on various systems using one subscription. You will get a yearly subscription and can access Norton’s tools on the device. But when the subscription expires, the user has to renew it to access the tools. If you need Norton antivirus for a long time then you can go for 2 or 3 years plans. The user can also enable the auto-renewal service in his Norton plan. Auto-renewal is not available for all the Norton plans. You have to check the Norton subscription page for the auto-renewal feature. Once you enable it, your Norton will renew every time. If you are not using Norton on your PC then disable this service manually. 

Disabling Norton antivirus subscription

When you cancel the auto-renewal of Norton antivirus, you can only use the premium tools until the expiry date. You can disable the auto-renewal feature of Norton from its dashboard. The user can also cancel the Norton subscription from the online account.

  1. Go to the web browser and search Norton 
  2. Open your Norton’s website
  3. Click on the Login option
  4. Provide the details and login to Norton account
  5. Your Norton profile window will appear
  6. Click on Subscription
  7. Select the Norton plan 
  8. Hit on the Cancel button 
  9. Users will get a confirmation wizard of the cancellation

Tap on the Yes button and your Norton subscription will get cancelled. Again, go to the subscription page, click on Norton plan, it will show the expiry date of your current plan. Users can run the Norton premium tools of his plan till the provided date. When his plan expires, the user can’t use the premium Norton antivirus.

Cancelling Norton subscription after auto-renewal

When the user does not cancel the Norton subscription, then his plan will get auto-renewal to prevent the license expiry. But when the user is not accessing Norton tools anymore then he can cancel the subscription and get a Norton antivirus cancellation refund. Before you cancel the subscription, check for the refund policy. Norton doesn’t offer a refund service in all the plans. You have to check whether the plan is offering you a refund or not. If yes then cancel the plan immediately and apply for a refund.  

  1. Open the browser and go to Norton antivirus
  2. Select the Norton website and go to Homepage
  3. Tap on the My Account tab and provide credentials
  4. Go to the subscription window
  5. Select the Norton plan and hit on the Cancel button
  6. Users will get the Norton refund wizard on the screen

Select the Yes button. Tap on the confirm button and then you will receive Norton refund confirmation on the screen. Now when you see the subscription page, you will get the Expired status next to the Norton plan. 

Disable your Norton antivirus on an Android device

The premium tools of Norton are also available for phone devices. You have to search the setup of Norton plan on the Play Store. Install the required plan on the system. Open the setup and tap on the Premium button. Now the user has to purchase the subscription of his Norton plan. When the subscribed Norton plan is in auto-renewal then you have to disable it. For disabling Norton auto-renewal, use the Play Store.

  1. Close Norton application
  2. Open Google Play Store
  3. Tap on the Payments and Subscription page
  4. Click on the Subscriptions tab
  5. Select the Norton antivirus
  6. Tap on the Cancel button in the last
  7. Norton confirmation window will display

Select the Yes button and now your Norton auto-renewal will get disabled. Check the license expiry date on your licensed Norton plan. Now reopen your Norton antivirus and run the scan. 

Disabling Norton auto-renewal feature on iOS

You can use the premium Norton tools on your iOS devices. Find the Norton setup on your App Store and install it. If your running Norton plan is in auto-renewal then you should disable it. 

  1. Close your Norton app
  2. Click on the App Store
  3. Check Apple ID and hit on the Profile icon
  4. Select the Subscription tab
  5. Choose Norton antivirus
  6. Scroll to the last and hit on the Cancel button
  7. Go to the Norton antivirus and click on the subscription

Run its premium tool to date and then the plan will not renew automatically. 

Renewing Norton antivirus plan manually

When you disable the auto-renewal, your subscription will end on the provided date. This auto-renewal feature is not available on every Norton plan. If your Norton subscription has expired but you need the antivirus then you can renew the plan manually. The user doesn’t need to get a new setup for Norton. norton liveupdate failed to complete You can open the Norton subscription window and check for the renewal. Users will get the Renew button next to the Expired status. Click on the plan and then purchase the renewal plan. After renewal, you can use your Norton plan on the device.


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