How To Design An Inspirational Startup Logo in Minutes

How To Design An Inspirational Startup Logo in Minutes
How To Design An Inspirational Startup Logo in Minutes


Getting your business idea off the ground can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. A plethora of questions, ifs and buts might be giving you a sleepless night, especially when it’s your startup and entering into the entrepreneurship first time.

A startup can be defined differently, but one thing is prevalent that it’s a new launch that aims at working towards addressing specific issues. Most startups spend most of their CapEx on their products or services they would offer, and branding comes second in their priority list.

But you can’t afford to take branding casually. Instead, you should pay utmost attention to branding elements, and it’s needless to mention that a logo is the most important element of them all. After all, your brand logo will be the face of your start-up by which your customers will recognize your business.

When to create a logo

Ideally, you should start working on your custom logo design just after registering your business name. This approach would evade the risk of getting your effort and money wasted in case you’re not able to secure the desired name and need to create from scratch.

Once your name is registered, and you’re all set to kick-off promoting it, you should have your company’s logo. A custom logo design is essential in brand promotion—it pulls together all branding elements that help your target audience recall your brand.

Therefore, it’s imperative to have your logo in place when you begin working with your clients so that they wouldn’t get disconnected even if you change it soon after that.

But how to design an inspirational startup logo

No doubt, your logo should be eye-catching and memorable, but not all start-ups have the luxury to hire a professional logo designer or graphic design agency for their logo design projects. If you can afford either of the options, it’s great. But if you’re on a shoestring budget, you’ll have no choice left but either launching a design contest on a creative marketplace or creating a logo on your own using a logo maker tool.

Keep reading this article to know how to create the best startup logo from scratch.

Design an inspirational startup logo in minutes

If you want to create an inspirational startup logo, here are 3-step easy guides that will guide you through designing a striking logo from scratch.

  1. Research the industry

Knowing your industry is the first step you should take before painting the shapes or drawing lines. So take a deep dive to understand the industry, the target audience, and key competitors. This would help you understand what message precisely you should convey through the logo design. Besides, you’ll get to know which unique features would make your startup logo stand out in the crowd.

Analyzing the industry will also give you the inspiration that best suits the idea of your logo design.

  1. Start creating a startup logo

We’ve already discussed above that there’re three options to get a logo designed.

  • Hire a designer or design agency: This is the most expensive option that is ideal for large enterprises or start-ups with a big budget. Being it an expensive option, most start-ups cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars in logo designs.
  • Design contest: This option is about getting logos designed by professional logo designers without breaking banks. Many online platforms serve as a bridge between designers and design seekers. All you need to launch a design contest with a design brief on any of these platforms, and you’ll get dozens of entries in a week. Choose the one that’s closer to your brand or best narrates your brand’s story. After that, you can get multiple changes with choices of your colors, fonts, icons, and other elements until you like it.
  • Logo maker: If you don’t have enough money to create a logo, the logo creator is the best option you should go with. We’d also advise you not to spend too much money on logo creation when launching your startup. You would have the option to redesign once your business grows.

Logo generators are DIY tools that anyone can use to create a logo. You don’t need to be a pro for designing a striking logo for your startup. All you need a little creativity, ideas, and inspiration. Choose an online logo maker like Designhill, Designmantic, Canva, or Tailor Brands, and start creating.

Once you launch a logo maker tool, you’ll be asked to fill your company’s name, slogan, industry, etc. After that, numerous logos will be generated based on your inputs. Choose one that’s closer to your company and customize it with choices of colors, fonts, layout, icons, and other design elements.

  1. Customize your logo

You’ve crafted your logo design and very much close to having a logo for your dream startup. All you need to do is personalize it with the choices of colors, fonts, icons, and layout, etc. using an easy-to-use interface. All of the logo creators mentioned above are incredible, but choose one that addresses your needs the best. The crucial aspects that you should consider while selecting an online logo maker are—prices, ease of use, quality of the design (the type of files you’ll receive), etc.

When customizing your logo, keep your target audience your mind. Think about what colors would appeal to them more. Also, colors should align well with your business and the industry as a whole. You can get inspiration, ideas from your competitors, but don’t do blunder by coping one.

If you’ve got a slogan for your startup that best describes its mission and values, add in the design. It will let your target audience know about your company.

Once you’ve done with the customization, it’s time to review the logo design. Take a deep breath and see if anything is missing. Is it the design you ever wanted to? If everything is satisfying, download the design files with full ownership and copyrights. Remember, you can download files as per the package you’ve chosen. Before choosing a package, pay heed to different packages the logo maker has to offer and make sure the package you select provides the file type that you need.

That’s it! Now use your logo wherever you want to, be it your website, marketing collaterals (print or electronic), billboards, or social media channels.


Your startup logo should be stunning, eye-catching, and meaningful to communicate directly to your potential customers. It should have the potential to instantly draw customers’ attention and stay in their memories for a more extended period. Go through the tips mentioned above to create an inspirational startup logo in minutes that will write your startup’s success story.


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