How to pair European Craft Kitchen Cabinets with Kitchen Islands

How to pair European Craft Kitchen Cabinets with Kitchen Islands

Perhaps, a kitchen island is one of the best kitchen elements. With these beautiful kitchen fixtures, every kitchen simply looks adorable. Indeed, most homeowners consider islands as an essential element. Besides adding beauty, they have many other functions as well.  Well, they are incredible for food preparation, storage as well as eating. Keep in mind, this one kitchen element can transform the whole kitchen.

Either you have a more or less busy area, they work wonderfully.  However, if you want to add suitable cabinets to the island, there are many styles and designs.  Moreover, you can also add some relevant countertop colors too. Well, cabinets do not negatively affect the island. It’s your very own decision which island will work ideally for your kitchens.

European craft kitchen cabinets (heart of the kitchen)

Well, this cabinet selection is amazing. With a kitchen island, you can have maximum storage space. No matter, these european craft kitchen cabinets are on the wall or below the island, they look pretty.

Keep in mind, a kitchen island exists in the center of any kitchen. It provides easy cooking, cleaning, and food preparation. Also, it is not less than a hub. Well, today all the kitchen designers and architecture, design the kitchen island with love and care. As they have a clear idea about the importance of islands and cabinets. Moreover, they are perfect elements to upgrade any kitchen.

Tips to match Kitchen Island with cabinets

Of course, there are some essential tips to pair the kitchen island with the cabinets.

  • It should match the cabinet’s design
  • Consider functionality

1. It should match the cabinet’s design

Design is very important. Make sure the selected material for the kitchen island matches your purpose. For island countertops, you can add expensive as well as affordable materials. Well, try to complement all the items in the kitchen. However, one good idea is to use the same material.

For instance island countertops and cabinets, countertops are the same. Indeed this will develop a cohesive look. And, it also adds a classical touch. On the other hand, you can also add material that least complements your kitchen. For example, with grey color cabinets, steel is also a good countertop choice. However, you can also add other tones as well.

2. Consider functionality

Think from a broad perspective.  Analyze what you are going to do on the kitchen island.  For this reason, choose a material that fits your needs. If you are going to do a lot of cutting and chopping, butcher block is a good material. However, you can also go for some resistant options such as quartz. As it has high durability and functionality.

Common countertops with European craft kitchen cabinets

Given below are the famous and efficient countertop materials.

1. Wood

No doubt this is one of the ideal countertop choices. This material is not only popular for countertops but also for cabinets. Indeed, it works well in all those fabuwood cabinets, where islands are for cutting. Moreover, wood is the best material to add warmth to kitchens.

2. Butcher block

Butcher block, like a simple wood countertop, will make a great addition to your space. If you already have a dining table and intend to use your island primarily for cooking, a butcher block countertop might be the way to go. Butcher block is a durable, dense material that makes an excellent cutting surface.

3. Stainless steel

Stainless steel lends an urban feel to your kitchen. This material is sturdier than wood because it has a heat- and rust-resistant surface. Regardless of how long it lasts, you must still use a chopping board when cooking. Stainless steel requires the least amount of upkeep of any material — all you need is soap and water. Indeed, this is one of the best solutions to clean countertops.

4. Stone

Though, stone is one of the expensive countertop materials. But still, people adored it the most. Well, it is a good idea to add stone if you want to have a flawless look. Moreover, they make your kitchen more refined. Keep in mind, marble and granite are the best choices among stone countertops. No doubt, marble cannot be resistant to scratches. It also develops stains. However, it is an ideal material to make pastries. Well, if granite is properly sealed, it is a more durable choice for countertops.


One final thing to keep in mind is that European craft kitchen cabinets are highly versatile. They are stylish as well as elegant. They add an amazing aura. Therefore they can work with any kitchen island. Moreover, kitchen islands are not always supposed to be on countertops. You can install the cabinets in space. So that you can make the kitchen most functional. Kitchen islands not only make your kitchen practical but also add extra storage space. Lastly, have them and get the most out of the kitchen.


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