How You Can Make Remote Workers Feel More Connected

How You Can Make Remote Workers Feel More Connected

The emergence of the pandemic forced us all to adjust to these trying times and continue operations from our residences. Human beings, by nature, yearn to live and grow alongside each other.

The call to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus makes it almost impossible for us to maintain social interactions and enjoy human company. Despite working from the comfort of our own homes, the lack of human connection in our current working conditions has taken a toll on employees and their performance.

Businesses have exhausted all measures to adapt to the new normal and keep things running smoothly, from switching to video conferencing and utilizing different tools and programs for work-related matters. As a business owner, one thing you need to consider in maintaining your business in this situation is the wellness of your employees.

Employee Engagement and  satisfaction are vital in any business. Here are a few ways to keep your employees feeling connected.

Make The Most Out Of Your Communication Tools

Adjusting to the global pandemic is already hard. To add to that, we must adapt to remote working. As the boss, you can ease the hardships of your employees by implementing systems that make working remotely more accessible.

Thankfully, there are a lot of collaboration tools available with some having great networking functions. There are software and programs that let work continue to run smoothly. There are also messaging tools that make communication easier and more accessible.

Maximizing the technology on hand can help people continue delivering quality work and maintaining the human connection imperiled in the new normal.

Consistency, Communication, And New Connection

Over time, employees can start to feel detached from the company because of working at home. An excellent way to remind them of the company’s community is to hold regular virtual meetings. This way, employees are immersed in the company setting and get to see familiar faces. 

Let all your lines be open. Encourage employees to communicate through appropriate channels and with you about work matters or things that might affect it.

The accumulated stress and exhaustion can make it hard for anyone to work efficiently, especially if they don’t unload these inner frustrations. Gather your employees in one place and allow them to talk about personal concerns and offer emotional support.

Remote work is not an excuse to stop making new acquaintances in the workplace. Companies can hold virtual events to further the network of each team member, see other functions of the organization, and familiarize themselves with processes outside their scope.

Encourage People To Have Fun

In a work-from-home model, it’s hard to distinguish work and where it stops. Remote working is advantageous due to its flexibility, but it’s a slippery slope to working beyond the supposed hours.

Promote team gatherings from time to time and hold events that aren’t work-related. The only intention of these events would be for workmates to spend quality time with each other and maintain relationships impeded by the pandemic.


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