Hypnotic Writing: 5 Ways To Persuade Readers With Your Words

Hypnotic Writing: 5 Ways To Persuade Readers With Your Words
Hypnotic Writing: 5 Ways To Persuade Readers With Your Words

Hypnotic writing aims to use physiology and words for compelling a reader to do a targeted action. The four tips below will help you write hypnotic copy and turn even a skeptic client into a like-minded person.

Tips For Writing Hypnotic Copy

1-  Avoid Being Categorical

Do not impose your opinion on the reader and do not engage in controversy while writing on sensitive topics. You never know for sure how the person on the other side of the monitor is going to interpret this information.

Here is a list of sensitive topics, it is better not to touch them in the text:

  • Personal life
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Patriotism
  • Sexism
  • Comparison of modern culture with the culture of past generations
  • Personal preferences in art, sports, etc.

Sometimes the readers have different opinions which create contrast. And it becomes difficult to read such content. For example, if you on an online writing services website see that they help write a dissertation only to female clients. How would you feel about that? Definitely, it will create suspicion in the reader’s minds. Do you want to become a professional copywriter? Want to provide professional services. Learn our online copywriting course now.

2-  Use The Magic Of The Word “You”

The word “you” is the main attractant in copywriting and selling texts. It has an incredible hypnotizing effect. If you want to wake up the reader, to involve him or her in a buying trance, conduct a dialogue with him or her. All hypnotic ad copies are written this way. What about impersonal infinitive texts? There is no dialogue or life in them. This can be used to draft technical instructions or legal documents, but not in hypnotic writing.


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The text both sounds convincing and can be interpreted easily by the reader. Do you agree?

Caution: Don’t take the “you” advice literally. There is no need to poke through the word and pile up “you”, “your” in one sentence. “You” is for dialogue, not for confusing the reader.

3-  Don’t Play Horror Stories

To remind the reader about the problem by pointing at it with a glance is important. But there is no need to exaggerate. It is never hypnotic. Your goal is not to bombard the customers or readers with scarecrows, but to show that you have a solution for him or her. To do this, use any suitable technique:

  • Draw a picture of a bright future: By doing this the reader already feels the profit of the advertised product (service). This hypnotic copywriting sometimes works great.
  • Replace negative words with neutral and positive ones. Use “Inexpensive” instead of “cheap”, “client” instead of “patient” or “sick”.
  • Turn on storytelling and share your success story. But let it be truthful and spiritual.
  • A rare, but skillfully twisted joke can unload the selling text and facilitate the decision to purchase. This is especially true for B2C ads. The main thing is not to go too far. There is nothing hypnotic about the imitation of Comedy Club.

4-  Be Sincere

Do you want to gain the trust of the reader? Then enter into his position.

  • Show sympathy and compassion (“Did you deserve this terrible fate?”)
  • Tell them about your experience (“I was in your place too”)
  • Cheer (“We have good news for you”)
  • Write kindly and with care for the reader

5-      Use Of The Word ‘Because”

Humans are curious beings who look for explanation and justification in every matter. Therefore, it is important to not only answer the problems of the readers also provide proper justification. The word for every “why” question is “because” so use it wisely in your writing to make it more hypnotic.

For example, in order to persuade the readers that why they need the best assignment writing services, you need to provide a detailed explanation that convinces them to opt for this service.


Nothing builds trust in content more than being open and helpful. Maintain an emotional connection with your audience throughout the text and they will be drawn to you.


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