ICR Word Recognition App- A Step Ahead Of OCR

ICR Word Recognition App- A Step Ahead Of OCR

Intelligent character recognition (ICR) is an advanced version of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services. ICR is used to extract handwriting from image files while OCR captures characters from printed documents. Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Technology is in the transformation phase as the technology is constantly evolving to make the services more appropriate for users. 

Intelligent Character Recognition 

ICR word recognition app being is used by computer systems to learn different fonts and styles of handwriting during processing in order to increase accuracy and recognition levels. As compared to OCR, ICR still lacks correctness in the process. The reason is that software is constantly learning neural networks designed by AI. The more the data is available, the better the ICR software would work because the computer will be able to learn and process handwritten documents. 

Intelligent character recognition can interpret a wide range of data through AI-based neural network systems. With every new style and font of data, the software upgrades its database. It means whenever a new type of document is used by ICR, new as well as old data is used to predict handwriting, fonts, styles, etc. 

How Does ICR work?

By integrating ICR software into a system, the data can be scanned and extracted from documents. A step-wise process of Integrated Character Software can be understood by following:

  • End-user will display a government-issued ID document in front of a camera. ICR software will scan the document and extract information like name, DoB, address, etc. 
  • The customer would be required to upload handwritten consent as well. The data from the consent form will also be scanned and extracted. 
  • The extracted data will be verified and the results will be displayed to the customer.

The automated data entry process automatically reduces the time and accuracy of results. Along with the time, it reduces the cost required to hire employees for the work. Extracted data can further be used by the businesses to make large databases which are then be used by the businesses to make the system better optimized. 


Intelligent Character Recognition is a subset of Optical Character Recognition. While ICR can extract information from handwritten documents OCR works on printed documents. The former can also detect various fonts and styles of handwriting while the latter rarely deals with fonts and styles. ICR also gives a detailed data extraction report, whereas OCR does not go deep into the details of the information. 

While OCR and ICR are both beneficial in their place, some companies cannot afford both software. OCR is comparatively cheaper than ICR. If you are a company that deals with a lot of data on a daily basis that may include structured and unstructured documents then you require both documents. 

Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)

It not only scans and extracts printed and handwritten data, but it is also used to learn cursive handwriting. ICR software works on character level but IWR extracts information from words and phrases. It creates a piece of detailed information on the document. 

While IWR is of great importance, it still does not replace ICR and OCR services. Intelligent Word Recognition is an optimized technology that is used to process real-world documents written not in a good form. Intelligent Character Recognition can not work on documents whose data field is not identifiable. Instead, IWR is used for data entry operations and to recognize text. 

Use cases of Intelligent Character Recognition 

ICR software is gaining a wide range of uses by different businesses. Before this technology, it was not possible for companies to process unstructured documents. But now as technology has made the process easier, any type of data can be scanned and information can be extracted from structured, unstructured, and cursive handwriting. Following are some uses of ICR:

  • It is used to verify the identity of customers in banks and financial institutes. 
  • To scan and extract information from any document present in any type of style and font. 
  • ICR applications are adopted by robotic process automation globally. 
  • To automate workplace operations, ICR is used to develop Optical Mark Recognition. 

Advantages of AI text Recognition

ICR solution being a step forward from OCR provides the businesses with a lot of benefits. It is based on artificial intelligence and neural networks that help the software to learn on its own. Therefore, with each extraction attempt, the software enhances its efficiency. Any industry be it healthcare or any financial corporation, they deal with a lot of forms on a daily basis. ICR services help them to process customer data. It can elucidate data with minimum chances of error thus is very beneficial to organizations that want to extract information accurately.  


Intelligent Character Recognition is a technology that helps computers process any type of font and style. Along with many industries that use it, banks utilize it to verify their customers. ICR reduces manual labor and provides accuracy to the process.


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