Jio Rockers: Download HD Quality Movies From This Site
Jio Rockers: Download HD Quality Movies From This Site

Jio Rockers: Download HD Quality Movies From This Site


The word “piracy” terrifies filmmakers. The concept of their films getting released in some online platform makes them have nightmares about lost revenues. Many websites offer pirated movies on different websites. As a result, the movie hall owners, producers, playback musicians, and directors suffer from an insurmountable financial loss. People associated with the film world have appealed against several sites like Jio Rockers, which promote piracy.

About Jio Rockers:

The word “Jio” should not be confused with a telecom service provider launched by Ambanis.

Jio Rockers happens to be a website that releases movies for free. The website has an excellent list of films in Telugu and Tamil languages. The website has been available since 2017. Jio Rockers has also illegally made Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam films available.

English films that have been dubbed in Hindi are available here too. The Tamil version of this site provides films that have been recently launched in HD quality. The print quality ranges between 360 p as well as 720 p. It has become the only website to have made Marathi movies available too. People who become crazy regarding films have permission to download films. They may also stream the movie. The movie may be listed in Jio Rockers according to their date of release.

Films that are available in Jio Rockers.

A fantastic collection of films is available because people do not want to spend a fortune watching HD movies legally. Many classic Telugu films like Prati Roju, Donga, Ruler, and Jackpot are available here. Apart from that, people may watch movies in other languages like Pressure Cooker, Adithya Verma, Dear Comrade, and Arjun Patiala from here. Even blockbusters like Dabangg 3, Birds of Prey, Joker, Bharat, and Bahubali 2.0 are found here.

The ban imposed by the governing body of India about piracy:

Piracy has become a social evil. In the year 2019, the ruling party of India passed a Cinematographers Act. According to this act, people are not authorized to record any film without permission in writing from the producer. Anybody discovered recording a movie without this written permission may be fined or imprisoned. The culprits may find themselves in jail for up to three years. Alternatively, they may have to pay a fine of ten lakh rupees. The governing body of India is adopting stern measures to curb piracy.

Imprisonment for downloading the pirated film

A pirated film is  easy to recognize. Generally, original films have a watermark. A pirated movie will not have that watermark. Anyone who can upload files to a piracy site or download films from piracy websites may be imprisoned or fined. The court is liable to think by default that the culprit was aware that he or she was circulating a pirated film. Hence, all culprits have to be punished for causing financial harm to a sector. A group of common masses also need to be aware that viewing films from their home’s comfort harms the industry financially.

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