Kuttymovies: Download movies in HD quality for free online
Kuttymovies: Download movies in HD quality for free online

Kuttymovies: Download movies in HD quality for free online


Piracy is a curse in the 21st century. It is among the evils of technological evils of this era. Piracy means telecasting certain movies or television shows online, free of cost. Kuttymovies is one such website that releases movies online for free, even before they are released in the market.

About Kuttymovies:

Kuttymovies is a famous site for pirated movies. The latest Tamil movies are available here. An exhaustive list of old and recent pirated movies may be viewed here, free of cost. The viewers may download these movies in HD format from this site easily. It is a competitor to hardcore piracy sites like Movierulz.

Hindi dubbed versions of Tamil films are also available here. The movies and several other television shows are available here as soon as they are released. Even the latest English movies are available here. It has many portals, which are like a blessing to the netizens.

Movies available on Kuttymovies, for free download or streaming:

Ardent movie viewers may browse for movies on this site, according to their year of release. Movies by famous stars are inevitably found here. Immensely popular movies like Kadaram Kondan, Adithya Verma, Avengers, Endgame, and Sahoo may be accessed here. Even reputed films like The Lion King, Baahubali, and Dear Comrade may be accessed from this notorious site. Apart from movies, we also get updates about Tamil dubbed movies and English movies here.

Kuttymovies allows the viewers to go through film according to the genre. They may also watch the movie online. Unfortunately, it makes some movies available on the site before they are officially released. The list of movies presents here is easy to navigate. Even people who do not possess sound technical knowledge may go through this site.

The government ban on piracy:

The government of many countries like India and the US has banned piracy. Many ardent movie fans of India have called for this ban because piracy is affecting the movie business. A movie that can become a hit becomes a flop because adequate tickets are not sold. People prefer to view the pirated versions of such movies from the comforts of their home rather than spending a fortune on tickets. However, the admin of Kuttymovies changes the domain frequently. Hence, the cybercrime department finds it difficult to track this site. This way, it has avoided detection easily.

The Cinematograph Act was passed in 2019. According to it, anybody who downloads a movie from a pirated site or uploads any content is punishable by law. The punishment entails imprisonment from six months to two years. Generally, movies contain a watermark as a sign of originality.

On the other hand, creating a pirated version of the movie entails breaching the watermark, i.e., breaching the movie’s copyright. People who are found guilty of supporting piracy may also be fined a hefty sum.


Many people take deliberate pride in breaching the law. Others lack the money to buy tickets. However, many such people are interested in watching movies. Kuttymovies is a heaven for them.


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