Last-Minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam

Last-Minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam
Last-Minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam

It is very important to follow the last minute preparation tips for the CBSE class 12 maths exam if you want to score well. The maths exam will be of hundred marks and the total paper is divided into four sections. 

So, the students should focus more on completing their syllabus, so that they can focus more on practice and revision. Below are given some of the last-minute tips that you can follow to score well in your exams. 

Consider studying the model answers

You should necessarily go through the model answers. These specific answers are usually framed by the top scorers in the particular subject. 

This will help you to learn the best ways to frame your answers. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that clear and neat presentation is mandatory especially in a maths paper. 

Focus on solving sample papers

It is advised that your main focus should be on solving sample papers. This is specifically because as with many of the sample papers you solve, the efficiency will be your preparation. 

As a result, you will be well prepared for the exam. You will also find many of the questions in the exam come from sample papers. 

Focusing more on the NCERT textbooks

Apart from following the other books, your primary focus should be on all the mathematical problems and questions that are asked in the NCERT. This is specifically because a lot of the questions are asked from the book. 

Solving the previous year’s question paper

You will get a clear idea about the marking scheme and paper pattern of the board exam if you follow and solve the previous year’s question papers. But, in this regard, you should time yourself. As a result, you can easily practice finishing the exam on time. 

Solving questions from other books

Another best thing that you can do for practice purposes is to solve problems specifically from the other practice books. In this aspect, your main focus should be on specific books which are mainly recommended by your school teachers.

Staying away from all your electronic gadgets

One day before the exam, your ultimate focus should be on the completion of your preparation. This is the main reason why it is advisable to stay away from all your electronic gadgets a day before the commencement of the exam. 

When you stay away from social media, it will help to increase your focus only on your studies and exam.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep

Before the examination day, you should sleep early. This will keep your body and mind fresh in the examination hall. Sleeping late at night will leave you unfocused and also tired specifically during the exam hours. 

Revising the formulas

To gain the ability to answer all questions in the exam, the students should quickly revise all the important formulas. Your revision time will decide your chances of getting good marks in the CBSE class 12 maths exam. 

Focusing more on the scoring sections

At the last moment, it will not be possible for you to revise all the topics that you have previously covered. So, at that time, you should find out the specific topics that have a greater weightage, and finally, you can thoroughly revise them. 

You should know about some of the scoring areas of CBSE class 12 maths that includes Calculus and Algebra. 

Time limit

The students get only a limited time in the exam hall and at that time, they should solve all the asked questions. So, this is specifically the thing that you should practice beforehand by always taking a watch whenever you practice the previous year’s question papers. 

Also, you should not forget to carry a watch to the examination center. This will help to analyze your time during the exam.

Understanding the break-up of marks

Once you receive the question paper, you need to see the break-up of marks. Also, you should focus more on solving the section that carries the highest marks. You should practice this thing before the exams with previous year question paper and sample papers. 

Focusing on your strengths

As an important last-minute tip, your focus should be on the strength areas that you have already covered instead of going through completely new topics. 

Considering NCERT solutions for class 12 maths

One of the best last-minute tips that you should follow is to concentrate on the best NCERT solutions for class 12 maths. This specifically plays a very important role in your exam preparation as it possesses detailed chapter-wise solutions for all exercises. 

With the help of these detailed solutions, your preparation will be very efficient and you do not have to leave any important questions in your maths exam. 

So, the mathematics exam will carry 100 marks and the exam will be specifically divided into 4 sections i.e. Section A, B, C, and D. Out of which, Section A will carry one-mark questions, section B will have 2 mark questions, section C will carry 4 mark questions whereas section D will have all 6 mark questions. 

As a result, you should plan your preparation accordingly. Also, mathematics is considered to be one of the highest-scoring subjects in class 12. A lot of the students develop fear for this specific subject. 

Even though they have practiced the specific problem several times, they suffer from a lack of confidence problems. It is only the practice that will help them to score good marks in the class 12 maths exam. 

Also, time management is another important thing that you should practice beforehand. Whenever you receive the question paper, you should carefully spend the 15 minutes of reading time and this specific time should be utilized to the fullest extent. 

In these 15 minutes, you should read and identify the application-based and probability questions. Along with that, you should also underline the important and necessary words. 

This is specifically because the application based and probability questions possess tricky words. If you are not alert, you may even lose out on the question’s meaning. 


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