Studying in the United States is a dream of many students across India. For the dream to come true, students prepare day and night to secure admission. In the United States, the SAT, a medium of a standardized test is being conducted to open up admission doors for its institutions. An individual need to score high marks to get past the admission in the United States. Scoring high scores is not an easy task, and students find it often troublesome in getting past the test.

To help the students overcome the difficulties, Jamboree India has come into play, which offers for providing various tips and guidance to crack the exam. Likewise, we have identified some tips in the interest of the students appearing for the SAT examination, which would help the students score better and get past the admission process for the colleges of the United States.


  • Develop the skill of calculating: Mental mathematics plays a crucial role in cracking the SAT. SAT papers do not allow the use of any calculators during the examination, and if in case a student is not fast in his response to the questions posed, then the student may be limited in attempting an only a few questions in the paper. The student must develop the skill of calculating quickly with a view of scoring better marks and securing admission.
  • Get the basics of grammar: Though a student studies grammar from the early stages of the school, it becomes difficult for students to recollect the basics taught. A student can actively write and present things, but it may not be perfectly accurate. As the SAT exams require a piece of profound knowledge in the field, it is highly advised to go through the basic grammar usage and understanding to build up more confidence and proper usage in the SAT examination.
  • Solve past papers: As a fresher in the SAT examination, it is advised that students should look upon the past papers to generate an understanding of the paper. Getting an insight into the past papers will surely help in boosting confidence and would also help in providing a strategy for the preparation of the examination.
  • Devise Strategy: To score good marks and secure admission in the colleges of the United States, a student must devise a strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student in a varied field. For a student, it is not compulsory to have a deep grasp on every topic. It is obvious on part of the student that some parts of the topic may be strong, and others might be weak. So, it is necessary on part of the student to devise a strategy of surpassing any difficulty in the SAT examination.

Having provided some of the tips which would be useful for a student appearing in the SAT examination, it would be highly recommended that such students should visit Jamboree India website for staying updated and preparing for the SAT Examination.


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