Moviesda: Download Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies for free of cost
Moviesda: Download Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies for free of cost

Moviesda: Download Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies for free of cost


Piracy is a curse to filmmakers. Piracy refers to releasing films online within a few days of release. People are no longer interested in paying for the tickets to watch a movie. They may do so from the comforts of their home. However, it results in a loss of revenue for the film industry. The governing body find it tough to declare a movie as a hit in the box office because it’s tickets do not sell. Websites such as  Moviesda  offer a plethora of movies.

About Moviesda:

It is a site that allows people to download many films without any cost. Initially, people had named it Isaimini. It also has an impressive collection of English movies. Many new films in the four South Indian languages are available here. The Tamil version of this specific website has a separate section. People may download films on their mobile phones from there. However, the picture quality of such phones is of inferior quality. People download some popular television shows such as the one based on the series written by George R R Martin from here. These shows are available in alphabetical order.

It also provides some  extension from where  customers may download songs of popular choice for free. Mostly, Tamil songs may be available here. Apart from that, many music lovers may download popular Bollywood numbers from here too. It is easy to download songs and movies from here. As of now, it is run by Also, it has a different section for films that are dubbed in Tamil. Frequently, films are available here even before they are officially released. It is perfectly prepared to cater to people who watch films through cell phones

Films available for payment-less downloading or streaming in the site

Movies of famous stars of the South Indian film industry, like Rajnikanth and Dhanush, are available in Moviesda, free of cost. Films that have been recently released like Petta 2.0 and Maari 2 are available here. The site has  gone through legal trouble because it leaked movies such as Server Sundaram, Darbar, and Aayiram Porkasugal.

Ban imposed by the government on Moviesda:

Piracy is deemed as unlawful in multiple different places. Subsequently, leading parties of many countries, like India, have imposed restrictions upon sites such as Moviesda. However, such sites frequently change their domain extension. As a result, the cybercrime department cannot arrest such sites’ makers and take strict action against them. The government of India needs to adopt stern steps to curb prosperity of such piracy sites. In 2019, the regulatory body has passed the Cinematograph Act in the parliament. As per that act, anybody who gets caught while recording a movie except the user’s permission may be imprisoned for up to three years. People who upload films in Torrent illegally may also be detained.

If some people get arrested for downloading or uploading movies from or to Moviesda, they are liable for being punished or imprisoned. Generally, original movies contain a watermark. The watermark proves that the film was authentic. The fine is a hefty sum.


The government of several countries is trying unanimously to curb piracy. The first step towards reducing piracy is to ban sites as Moviesda


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