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RBG’s Death Can Radicalize American Politics

RBG’s Death Can Radicalize American Politics
RBG’s Death Can Radicalize American Politics

One influential Democrat of Washington texted that we are going to war when it was asked what Ruth Bader’s death mean. In addition, it was said that they do this in the lame-duck and I think that Americans are going to rebel. Ginsburg was one of the most important and iconic Supreme Court Justice for the liberals since Thurgood Marshall. Therefore, she was the first American there in the court and was the Left’s, Antonin Scalia. Just a few years back, when the situation got reversed Scalia died during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Furthermore, Mitch McConnell denied a Senate vote to Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland. Ginsburg was there ill from so many years and democrats were there reading the prospect of losing her before the 2020 election got settled.  Within the hours of Ginsburg’s death, Mitch McConnell made everything clear that the fear of democrats was very much warranted. McConnell signalled publicly through a statement that President Trump is going to receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.

RBG’s Death Can Radicalize American Politics

RBG’s Death Can Radicalize American Politics

There is some uncertainty whether McConnell can cobble a majority of 53 republicans together or not. This is just for the sake of confirmation of Ginsburg replacement. But the swift decision of him on a Friday night to reverse his 2016 position is likely to be met with two major reactions from the democrats. One will be short term and the other will be long term decisions.

However, not everything in politics hyped by the media is big deal like it seems to be. But remember that RGB’s death is one of the biggest cases and those cases that can be more consequential than reported. This is certainly going to alter the makeup of the Supreme Court but would also alter the course of a presidential election.

Rodger Sander is a senior writer at The Daily Stength Inc, where he covers media and advertising and co-hosts the Original Content podcast. Previously, he worked as a tech writer at Adweek, a senior editor at the tech blog VentureBeat, and a local government reporter at the Hollister Free Lance. He attended Stanford University and now lives in Brooklyn.

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