SEO Strategies for Lawyers That Get Page-One Rankings
SEO Strategies for Lawyers That Get Page-One Rankings

SEO Strategies for Lawyers That Get Page-One Rankings


Most law firms marketing online tend to have a notion that by merely providing the same services as their competitors but in some unique fashion will help them get potential customers. And there’s nothing wrong except it is the second phase of the marketing strategy. It’s something you must think about when you have visitors on your website. The first phase and the most important one for all the lawyers out there is to get visitors on your site by scoring page one rankings in the SERPs.

This article includes everything you need to know about getting your website in the top-most results of Google’s organic searches through various SEO strategies for lawyers and law firms.

What Are SERPs And Why Do They Matter?

When you search for any information in Google, you type particular words (keywords) in the search bar. Based on these words, Google’s algorithm kicks in, and it shows you the best websites that can provide relevant information to you. There are numerous pages (SERPs), each usually having ten listings of these websites. The higher the ranking, the more visitors will that particular website have.

How To Achieve Higher Rankings For Your Law Firm Website?

For getting your law firm listed on the first page of organic search’s results, it is crucial to implement SEO strategies for lawyers and law firms whilst designing your website and posting content on it. Before discussing the tips, let’s first get to understand what SEO is and how it affects your rankings.

●    What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a concept which focuses on optimizing the lead generation or traffic on your website. It can be achieved through incorporating “keywords” in your content, generating backlinks, increasing the loading speed of your website, etc.

By making sure your digital property and the content on it is SEO-friendly, the probability of falling on the first SERP increases automatically.

●    SEO For Lawyers

Google’s algorithm works in a billion ways, out of which millions are still unknown. Yet, it is fortunate enough that we are aware of SEO, one of the essential procedures that will affect marketing for law firms.

Given below are some crucial tips and SEO strategies to keep in mind whilst creating content or even designing your website on the foundation level to increase your Google’s rankings.

1.    Targeting Keywords Used By The Customers

The first and the most basic strategy used by every other organization is to answer the questions correctly, asked by your users by incorporating specific keywords.

For example, most of the people looking for an attorney on an urgent basis might search “divorce attorney near me”. Therefore, you can make sure you mention your location in your content.

2.    The Importance of Posting Regularly

For Google, your website is like food; without preservatives, it will rot. And the preservative here is your content. The more frequent and regular you post it, the better will be your ranking on the SERPs. Take it in this way- Google keeps a log of your availability. Hence, you do not want to seem like a dormant rat on the internet. Post regularly, be it blogs or adding testimonials. All you have to do is show Google that you are not sleeping.

Also, posting does not mean you have to upload anything to mark your presence online. Only content relevant to your website must go up on your digital property.

3.    Adapt To Video Marketing

Another strategy for SEO for lawyers is video marketing. It refers to the process of creating and uploading videos for social engagement, gaining traffic and generating leads, finding potential customers, marketing a product or a service, etc.

Videos are considered to be better than the content available in the text-form since the former is more interactive and easy to comprehend. Hence, marketing for law firms must include videos as media for higher conversion rates.

4.    Focusing on Technical On-Site SEO

Blogs and testimonials, all fall under the non-technical category of on-site SEO. But it is not the only content that will decide the ranking of your website. It would help if you also focused on the technical aspects, that is, the styling and designing of the website. It includes headers, alt tags, meta descriptions, page titles, 404 errors, outbound links, etc.

5.    Off-Site SEO

Activities done on your page come under on-site SEO, whilst the ones carried out by either you or anyone else, outside your digital property is termed as off-site SEO. Examples include backlinks and reviews.

Both of them are incredibly crucial for building up your online reputation that will decide whether you’ll go up or down in a SERP. Hence, please make sure you generate enough backlinks (from useful websites) and have more positive reviews.


Every law firm needs to have SEO strategies and campaigns set for generating leads and getting conversion rates. By using target keywords, posting relevant content regularly, making your website more interactive through video marketing, and focusing on on-site and off-site SEO, one will make their way up in the SERPs.


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