Seven Reasons Why Women Are Crazy About Leather Jackets

Seven Reasons Why Women Are Crazy About Leather Jackets

Women’s leather jackets have gained a solid fan base over the last couple of decades. The item has made multiple rounds on runways and a staple for various fashion styles. Today, it is found in the closet of every woman.

Biking, hikes, winter nights, and summer night-outs are all incomplete without the charms of a black leather jacket, and the same is the case for every season. Since you can easily refresh your style and stay safe from the weather elements with a jacket, here is a comprehensive guide about why leather jackets are given the respect they receive.

So without much ado, let’s explore the scope of a leather jacket right away!

They Bring Out The ‘Bad Girl’ Energy

Leather jackets have been historically known as the costume essential for the ‘bad girls.’ They are intelligent, attractive, and genuinely allow the wearer to be themselves. The psychological impact of wearing an empowering article of clothing like a leather jacket that fits you perfectly is hard to defy.

Harley Davidson was one of the brands that leveraged their products in favor of leather jackets and thus created the imagery of a ‘bad girl.

The representation of confident women is a debate for another day, but the truth is that the imagery has stuck for a long and continues to boost the flames for leather jackets!

They Are Versatile

Leather jackets are one of the most versatile creations by fashion masters. Despite starting as a sausage fest during WWII, these jackets withstood the test of time and remained on runways throughout.

Leather has a rustic feel to it and, hence, helps create starkly different combinations for your everyday look.  From casual Friday to formal Monday meetings at the precinct, you can naturally rock a single camel-colored leather jacket on all occasions.

Detective Becket from Castle and Detective Decker from the beloved Netflix Original Lucifer are testament to the versatility of leather jackets.

Offer Comfort And Practicality

While we are still discussing leather jackets and their frequent appearance on TV, it is necessary to bring up the item’s comfort and practicality. It helps you handle the weather and acts as a layer of protection when you are not feeling your best.

Hence it’s a win-win situation each day. Custom denim jackets, on the other hand, have their own set of pros and cons. But, whether you go for leather or denim, both varieties offer comfort, versatility, and longevity that help your budget in more ways than one.

Can Be Styled Glamorously

The best feature of leather jackets is the glamour that is inherent to them. From the Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, to the leading ladies like Hailey Bieber and the Hadid sisters, the stars love their leather jackets.

And you know what that means? You get to find 101 different ways of styling your favorite jackets!

From leather pants to leather skirts, fishnet stockings to plain denim, there is hardly an outfit that doesn’t sit well with a leather jacket.

Any outfit that allows you to wear stiletto heels with a leather jacket cranks up the heat exponentially. Now that vaccines are rolling out and the social scene has gained momentum, it is time for you to enjoy the hot girl summer like Meghan!

Women love multitasking! And when they find a piece that can juggle multiple roles just like them, they can’t help but love that thing too. Case in point, a retro leather jacket from the thrift store!

You Can Go Crazy With The Styles

Whether you have a defined sense of fashion or are currently exploring the ghetto phase of your youth, a leather jacket can help you dive into any style with a smile on your face.

It symbolically becomes a superhero cape that fixes any outfit.

From a silk slip dress to a casual athleisure set, you can pair a leather jacket with any combination of choices and be yourself.

Your bralette and cute shorts can get an upgrade with a black leather layer on the top. Just add a slouchy bag and some fringy sandals to the mix, and your Tumblr aesthetic would come to life in no time.

You can find a leather jacket in any possible hue these days. From magenta to aquamarine, every color is readily available in stores online. Stocking a few colors will allow you to have a lot more fun with them.

Last Longer Than The Average Jacket

When we talk about the magical longevity of a leather jacket, it is always the genuine leather pieces taken into account. Of course, they are a pricey investment upfront, but with time and wear, the item can pass as an heirloom amongst your generations too!

The genuine leather jackets are treated with a lot of attention during the tanning and preservation phase pre-production, precisely why it stays in shape for way longer than the faux counterparts.

Even if you pay a few extra dollars for a faux leather jacket, it can still fray and tatter within the first two years of use.

They Are The Easiest To Care For

Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance jacket?

Genuine leather jackets are easy to clean and care. All you need is a little wipe down the surface and a plastic bag for hanging the jacket in your wardrobe.

Even if you have an open cupboard, your leather jacket will persevere through different temperatures and slight humidity due to its organic roots. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for faux jackets.

Final Thoughts

Leather jackets are a cost-effective investment for every woman.

Getting one would solve your daily quips of finding something presentable for a class or an unscheduled meeting.

Since it oozes sensuality and confidence when worn with the right clothes, there’s hardly a reason why a woman may not want to get a few of these.


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