Six things to consider while buying a car online

Six things to consider while buying a car online

Are you thinking to buy a car online? Well, if we can order medicines and other products online, then why not a car? But wait, these things do not cost as much as a car does. We understand that this is something that would make you think twice before purchasing.

Don’t stress, leave your worries on us to educate you about what you need to consider before buying a car online. We will surely not let you hang dry.

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Buying a car online offers several advantages over traditional methods, such as finding your desired car at a lower price than your local dealer. So, extending your car search beyond local dealerships often makes solid financial sense. However, take due care before contacting any unauthorized dealer online. First of all, consider the number of years the dealer has been in the car dealership business, read comments and reviews online, and search online newspapers in their areas for positive or negative thoughts. You should quickly be able to determine if the dealership is trustworthy or not. Find out what works best for you, either buying a car online or in person.

(Whisper: We do recommend an online purchase, but we recommend thorough homework as well)

Cox Automotive in Car Buyer Journey 2018 claims that most car buyers are looking for new and used cars simultaneously.

Are you one of those?

Hands down, you should get an independent inspection

This is the most crucial step if you buy a used car online from an authorized or private dealer. All experienced consultants recommend that even a car advertised as “certified used” could have issues, so if you don’t have the mechanical knowledge to inspect the vehicle yourself or not nearby, you can organize an inspection by an independent mechanic for greater assurance.

If the seller doesn’t want to worry about transporting the car to the store, service providers can inspect the vehicle at the vehicle’s location. Checking cars for sale online can save you from disasters that can break your bank.

With cars, just like partners, the history matters

You should dig deeper, especially with used cars. Look for consumer reviews to avoid a poor experience. In addition to checking previews of the specific car you’re interested in, you should also look for a make and model repair record. This is important so that you can easily fix it if need be.

Also, suppose you are confused about whether it will be an excellent decision to buy a car online or not. In that case, you should know that a statement by Accenture quotes that approximately 47% of people who buy cars would consider buying one via online platforms.

(Trusted, of course, but it is not an alien concept. At least, not anymore)

Know the must-haves in your car

Not talking about the handsome driver, but the features. List them down beforehand.

Cars are tools, and you have specific reasons for choosing certain models. If you buy or rent a car to drop kids to various events, you will probably want different features than purchasing a car for a college student. List down the features your new car needs to have, such as a sliding rear door or high fuel consumption, then f­­­­­ollow this list at the time of buying a car online.

Car buyers usually spend around 61% of their time researching their cars online, as quoted by Cox Automotive 2020 Car Buyer Journey. You also need to adopt this kind of homework skills to make the right decision.

Return Policies

Return policies are an essential aspect of online car buying. If you have bought a car online before, or even if you have ever gotten your hands on an old or used car, you would know that sometimes it is better to have no car than a car that requires maintenance costs twice its purchase price.

(That happens with a lot of people)

If you can get the opportunity of a test drive

If you are using a third-party service and a test drive is essential to you, please note that not all online car services can provide you with that. If you’re planning to buy your car online with the primary purpose of avoiding an authorized dealer, it will be a challenge to get a test drive. (Risky!) If you work with an online dealer from a trusted dealership, you can schedule a test drive of your desired vehicle (or similar). In the case of a new car, you can still drive one at your local dealership, but it won’t be the exact car you would get, and it’s probably the same kind of problem you will face while buying online.

Did we tell you that among consumers with a FICO® Score of 600, the average credit card debt is $5,908?

According to new research from CDK Global, approximately 80% of buyers have shifted to online car buying due to a better buying process.

Bottom line

You cannot be sure of all the specs of the car you are buying. Take some time to familiarize yourself with your car dealer’s warranty and return policy for any new or used car offers. Does the guarantee match your risks? Are the return policies favourable for you? These are some, among other questions you need to ask yourself about the contract before buying a car.

Many dealerships can push you to buy a vehicle, so you must know some information about the cars you’re interested in, the budget you can afford, and the value, among other things. With the details above, you have all the tools you need to act appropriately.

Buying a car can be scary, yes, but with proper research and preparation, you won’t regret it.


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