The Best 10 WordPress File Manager/Media Library Plugins (2020)

The Best 10 Wordpress File Manager/Media Library Plugins (2020)
The Best 10 Wordpress File Manager/Media Library Plugins (2020)

Gone are the days when websites were predominantly comprised of texts with few interspersed images. Nowadays, images, videos and audio files form an integral part of a website and occupy a major chunk of the space on a website. It is here, that the role of File Manager and Media Library becomes so crucial. Though the inbuilt media library does a fairly good job, custom WordPress plugin development is necessary if you have a media heavy website design. This article discusses the top 10 File Manager/Media Library plugins for 2020.

File Bird

It comes in both, free and premium version and is quite easy to use. One of the most discernible features is the smart context menu, wherein you can right click to create, edit or delete folders to arrange the media library. With the drag and drop facility, you can shift files around and upload files directly from your desktop. It is fully compatible with all page builders and image optimization plugins. Importing files from Media Library is quite easy. There is multi language support and you can upload files to a particular folder and browse files in image block.

WP Media Manager

There are two versions of WP Media Manager-the free lite version and a premium version. Each are excellent alternative to WordPress Media Library, the Interface appear quite familiar and adds additional features for managing and organizing files. The user interface is similar to that of File Bird, but a bit more refined. Folders and controls are on the left and radio buttons are on the top. The centre pane has the files and the right pane has individual settings for selected files.


One of the most popular WordPress file manager plugins, Filester is well-designed with a concise interface that allows you to easily manage all your files. Managing all your system files and media also becomes easy with Filster.

File Manager Plugin for WordPress

It is a media library plugin that helps manageall types of file that are usually there in a website. It’s premium plugin that costs around $20. Its user interface is similar to Windows with a white background, hierarchy list on the left, files and folders in the centre and controls on the top. The plugin also provides image editor, multiple UI themes, short code generator, context menu, document viewer that works with Google and Apple.

File Manager

This is another plugin that has a similar appearance as that of Google and Apple and works quite well.Layout is similar to File Manager Plugin for WordPress with hierarchy on the left, files in the centre and controls on top. It also helps manage different types offiles of various sizes and has a built in code editor that makes editing simple. It has both, free and premium version, with premium version offering some additional features and is more compatible.

Advanced File Manager

It is free and open source WordPress file manager plugin that appears quite like the Mac operating system. It has simple-user friendly interfaceoffering short code control, move, add, change, delete controls, PDF viewing, drag and drop operation, archive support for zip and Rar files, an image editor, file preview, video and audio support and more.

Wicked Folders

This simple plugin helps in custom wordpress plugin development. It has an interface with layout very similar to that of the standard WordPress media library. Therefore, using it should not be much difficult and you would quickly get familiar with it. However, some important features are not available in free version; it is reserved for the premium version only. The free version allows you to perform basic functions like organizing posts and pages, clone folders and search your library. The pro version adds to that by providing additional features for organizing media library.

Posts Table Pro

It is not a WordPress media library plugin in the real sense. It is basically meant to create tableson everything related with the website.Make a list of your files, folders, posts, images,etc.Then organize them in the right way in a table on a page. It makes your job of media management much simpler and you can also use it on your website for creating tables.

WordPress Real Media Library

It is a full-feature, comprehensive file manager plugin that has a very similar appearance as many others in the list. In fact, its interface is based on that of WordPress with navigation on the left, contents in the centre and details on the right. It is compatible with page builders and can handle different file types, multiple languages, has drag and drop feature, and can modify multiple files and folders at a time.

WordPress Media Library Folders

The last in the list, this plugin takes a different approach than others. Instead of organizing your existing folders, it creates its own folders. With a simple blue colour interface it uses the common trend of keeping the hierarchy on the left and controls at the top. You can use the drag and drop feature to copy or move files, so you need to be careful as URLs can changeby your actions.

This is not an exhaustive list; WordPress experts around the world are involved in custom WordPress plugin development.

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