The New Normal For Small Business Financing


The financial institution landscape is rapidly changing, especially small business financing for businesses hit hard by the pandemic. Banks aren’t the only option to go for when small businesses need loans. Several alternative options, such as Camino Financial, are springing up. They respond faster, offer better interest rates, and have easier requirements.

We know that the new normal will be influenced by some of the post-covid 19 changes the small business financing world can adopt. In this article, we explore what will be expected for business financing in the new normal.

More Options For Small Business Funding 

A heightened awareness of multiple financing options is becoming the new normal. This results from the myriad of issues requiring options like low-interest loans and grants to help owners pull through. Due to poor response from banks to address these issues, they (banks) are gradually taking the back seat in small business funding, while other capable private institutions are at the forefront to restore normalcy. The best part is that most of these available alternatives come with fewer or no special requirements.

Financing Is Going Digital

Loans used to take weeks to get to the hands of small business owners that needed them. Now, in the new normal, financing has gone digital. In today’s world, you can typically request a loan using your mobile phone. The reason is that most fintech companies have adopted an easy, mobile-friendly approach towards ascertaining creditworthiness. From the comfort of your home or office, you can undergo any form of necessary verification irrespective of credit score or special requirements banks ask for. The result is faster and more efficient loan reception.

Better Loan Options For Immigrants

In the US, 13% of the population are immigrants, making up 18% of small business owners. There’s little doubt that immigrants have big roles to play in the small business space. However, non-US citizens have less success getting personal loans. As small businesses diversify their services and products, small business funders are doing so too. There is now Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) loans for non-residents and other loans available for immigrants.

The Rise Of Fintech Lenders

Fintech lenders are offering small businesses the chance to stay afloat despite the troubles of the pandemic. They are less quick to judge or evaluate your business based on your financial history and credit score. On the contrary, fintech lenders are more interested in the potential of your business and how profitable it can be in the future. That’s a fancy way of saying that industry leaders like Camino Financial are more flexible and emphatic than banks. Instead of credit scores, gross sales may be the new requirement.

The Benefits Of Opening Business Financing For Everyone

Small business financing is a pivotal part of the economy. Its benefits are endless when they are open to everyone. One of the benefits of opening business financing for everyone, including small businesses and immigrants who own them, is the boost in sales. It helps businesses close more deals, gives the them more purchasing power, and makes expanding way easier. What’s more, alternative lending options like equipment financing becomes easier to obtain.


The effects of the pandemic that forced small businesses to close down have had telling effects on owners and the economy at large. And with the number of special requirements needed for getting financing, fintech setups like Camino Financial are leading the charge to the new normal of small business funding. As a business owner, you’re only an email away from getting that much-needed financing for your small business.


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