Upgrade Your Career Through Accounting Professional Year Program

Upgrade Your Career Through Accounting Professional Year Program

Individuals need to have theoretical education and practical knowledge when it comes to securing job opportunities in Australia. For that, vocational training and education, colleges, and universities are among the best places to obtain a proper education. But to master a particular field or area like accounting, candidates are requested to opt for the PYP or Professional Year Program, which is ideal for all those individuals who have completed their graduation from an Australian university or college. The professional year program accounting is a 12-month well-structured program. It contains practical and theoretical knowledge that will help all the overseas students obtain work within Australian soil. 

Professional Year Accounting: Getting To Know The Course

The Accounting professional year program was developed by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, and the Institute of Public Accountants. This particular program contains internship and formal learning, which will enable all the accounting graduates for employment within the accounting field. The program will provide practical training and skills to magnify a candidate’s employment opportunities within the coming future. 

After completing this program, students will receive extra points for their permanent residency or PR application right beneath the pathway of Skilled Migration. When students have completed their Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, they can easily opt for the PYP in Accounting hassle-free. On the other hand, the program is available at one of the best and reputed colleges in Australia for international students, where highly qualified instructors will teach it.

What Are The Modules Program And Learning Outcomes Of The Program?

There are several modules, which each of the candidates or students have to complete once they opt for the PYP in Accounting. On the other hand, you will come across some learning outcomes, which each student wishes to achieve, and you will get to know about both of them through this section. Look below!


    • Navigating around the Australian workplace. 

    • Taking care of workplace interaction. 

    • Taking part in successful teamwork. 

    • Guaranteeing the protection and well-being of the workplace. 

    • Working within Australian business surroundings/environments. 

    • Offering outstanding customer service. 

    • Manage personal career development. 

    • Prepare the employment market. 


Here are some of the learning outcomes, which this program aims to achieve. They are:

    • Intellectual 

    • Communication and Interpersonal. 

    • Personal.

    • Organizational.

    • Legislation and Policy. 

What Are The Entry Requirements Of The PYP In Accounting?

When you have decided to complete your professional year in accounting, there are some entry requirements, which you have to fulfil. They are:

    • You have to take a face-to-face interview with an authorized and certified Provider, which will help in ensuring course viability and suitability. 

    • You need to complete at least one or two 2-year full-time accounting courses within Australia. The degree you opt for should be listed under the approved courses for international students. 

    • You must carry an IELTS or Academics score of 6.0 for each band. Otherwise, you can obtain an equivalent score from Pearson’s, Cambridge Advanced English, TOEFL iBIT.

The Benefits Of Taking This Course

Opting for the professional year accounting program, you will receive many benefits through it. Some of the primary ones are stated below. 

    • Taking this particular program will provide you with ongoing career assistance after completing and also during the program. 

    • You will receive a certificate in the Accounting Professional Year Program. 

    • Completing the program will allow you to join many relevant professional bodies. 

    • You will gain access to all the industry specific events and workshops.

What Is The Cost Of The Professional Year Program In Accounting?

The PYP in Accounting is provided in Adelaide Campus and Perth Campus, and the costs for the program on both of these campuses are different. The tuition fees for the Perth Campus are $7,200 [typically, it is $8,800], and the application fees are $230. For the Adelaide Campus, the tuition fees are $5,800 [normally, it’s $8,800], and the application fees are $230.

What Are The Class Schedules?

The classes are conducted 8 hours each week [in total 32 weeks], along with a 12-week accounting internship. At the West Perth Campus, the classes take place on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. At the Adelaide Campus, the classes take place on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 90:30 pm, Wednesday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9:30 to 5:30 pm. 

Main Features Of PYP or Professional Year Program

The Professional Year Program or PYP has several features, which you must take a look at. They are:

    • The PYP stands out to be highly essential for international students who wish to obtain a permanent residency within Australian soil. 

    • The program can help you receive an extra 5 points from the Department of Home Affairs. 

    • The PR and Department of Home Affairs identify with the candidates who have completed the PYP for securing the points beneath the points system. 

    • The program helps in paving the way for Australian internships. It’s legislated and approved by the department heads within DIAC or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

    • The professional year program is one of the leading programs within the country that the Australian Government initiated. It’s designed to offer all overseas students with industry-specific skills along with quality education and workplace practice. The program helps in preparing them to pursue a successful career within the country. 

Ending Note

The Professional Year Program or PYP is ideal for all individuals looking forward to obtaining a job in Australia. The program is also proper for aspirants who wish to work within the field of accounting. PYP in Accounting is well-structured and will provide students with high-quality education and knowledge. It will also provide them with skills that are required within the accounting field. It’s guaranteed that you will surely achieve plenty of success after you pursue the PYP in Accounting. Make sure to consult with a professional or education expert and learn what the program has in-store right before you think of applying for the program.


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