Which Is The Best HP Vs Lenovo

Which Is The Best HP Vs Lenovo

If you are confused about which laptop to buy, there are so many options to choose from it is natural to feel bewildered. If you are thinking of buying the Best laptop under 20000, then there are very limited options. In this article, we would focus on two know brands in the market HP and Lenovo.

HP Laptops

This is a well-known American company and has been in the market for some time now. This is a very respected brand worldwide. They have an excellent range of laptops in all the segments, many of which fall under the premium option. They have their presence in the cheaper ranges also. 

Pro And Cons Of Hp Laptop

Most commonly HP laptops are very attractive and good-looking. They have always maintained a high standard for the products which they have used in their machine. The end-user has an extensive range to choose from. Many people buy HP laptops due to the brand image they have built for so many years.

HP does not good customer service support in many of the countries. Hardware used in these laptops could be upgraded to better standards as compared to other premium brands.


In recent years this Chinese company has built its reputation and delivered excellent results in the market. They have a very big market share in the Chinese market.  China has a population of 1.4billion so that is why there is so much demand in the market for their products. Gradually they have eaten the market share of American companies like Dell and HP.

Pros And Cons Of Lenovo

Lenovo has a good presence in both premium and cheap segments. They have been able to maintain that balance very well. Lenovo laptops have good battery backup, which is proving to be a great advantage over the other competitors. Their market share has increased due to the Yoga line & Thinkpad line. CPU full form is a central processing unit, Lenovo uses only the Intel brand. Generally, they use corei3 and to corei9 series on their laptops. Due to which these laptops can be for any purpose from home used to gaming. Even though the laptops are cheap they have used good quality hardware.

Some say that the Lenovo laptops are not so attractive and look very basic. Their presence in the premium sector is not up to the mark they can do much better on this front. In some range of laptops, they have scope to reduce the price so that they are within the reach of a large segment of the people.


After reading this article, a lot of doubts many people who are going to buy laptops would have got cleared. Lenovo currently is the clear winner if compared with the total package they are selling and that also at very affordable rates. But if you are thinking of purchasing something more authentic and stylish then go with HP. Nowadays competition is getting tough with the entry of other brands. So only time would tell which brand would win the race and which brand would perish.


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