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Why Should You Start an Organic Food Store and How Can You Benefit From It?

Why Should You Start an Organic Food Store and How Can You Benefit From It

The organic food industry has been booming as more people become aware of its benefits and conscious about their health. Here are four reasons why the industry will continue growing in the future:

  • Smartphone usage and affordable high-speed internet has made it easier for consumers to access the e-commerce platforms
  • The price difference between inorganic and organic foods is insignificant compared to the potential health benefits
  • Government is offering financial support via SME solutions (small and medium enterprises) like National Food Security Mission, Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, and others to encourage organic farming
  • Favourable weather conditions and traditional farming ensures superior quality products, which increases their global demand boosting exports

A store can be a good business as the demand for organic foods is rising. People are willing to spend money to eat healthier foods. More and more grocery chains and organic farming chains selling such products are coming up across the country. Here are some advantages of why an organic food store can be beneficial:

  • You can offer a wide range of products to your target customers
  • The store can have a regular customer base over a period of time
  • You can add or reduce products based on actual customer feedback
  • Your store can start earning revenue as soon as it is open

The average investment required to start an organic food store is about INR 10 lakh. This may vary based on the location, products you sell, manpower, and other running costs. If you don’t have the entire amount available, you can opt for an SME loan from lenders like Mahindra Finance.

There are several benefits of availing such loans, which include:

  • Quick and easy process via an online application
  • No collateral required, which makes it easier to meet the SME loan eligibility norms as you may not have any assets that can be used as security
  • Flexible repayment terms that allow you to enhance or reduce the installment amount based on the company’s financial situation
  • The amount paid towards the loan repayment is eligible for tax benefits and reduces your liability
  • SME loaninterest rates are lower especially for government-backed schemes

Business loan for SMEs are popular and it offers you an affordable and convenient way to raise the funds required for your organic food store. To apply and to submit the SME loan documents, you can visit the official website here.

Williard John is the Editorial Director at The Daily Strength Inc. Prior to joining The Daily Strength, Williard had a hand in a number of online and print publications, including as chief copy editor and Government Technology Magazine as managing editor. He also did a stint in Sydney as group editor of RBI Australia's manufacturing group, which is when he also developed an affinity (a love, really) for cricket

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